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Stuffed eggs, devilled eggs

Creamy, smooth and luxurious stuffed eggs, devilled eggs

Stuffed eggs are hard boiled eggs which are sliced in half, the yolks removed and mixed with other ingredients then put back into each half of the egg white. The yolk filling should be creamy, smooth and luxurious. It is known by so many different names, the most common being devilled eggs. You can also call them angel eggs, egg mimosa, Russian eggs, dressed eggs, picnic eggs or salad eggs. They can be chopped up and used as a sandwich filling similar to a boiled egg sandwich.

The recipes for stuffed eggs filling are as diverse as there are cooks. This is a simple standard recipe that gives room for you to add or remove your choice of ingredients, the possibilities are endless but make it simple. I have included a list of


Easy Spanish omelette

Thick, dense, rich and indulgent easy spanish omelette

Egg, Recipes, World food | April 24, 2017 | By

Easy Spanish Omelette, Spanish tortilla, Tortilla española or tortilla de patatas is a delicious Spanish appetiser, snack and picnic dish made with eggs and potatoes. It is thick and dense, rich and indulgent and can be served hot or cold, in large wedges or small cocktail size (hors d’oevure) with toothpicks.

The easy Spanish omelette bears no relationship to the Mexican tortilla rather it closely resembles


Sweet corn salad

Colourful and fresh Sweet corn salad

Recipes, Salads, vegetarian | April 24, 2017 | By

Sweet Corn salad is a bright, colourful and fresh tasting salad. It is quick and easy to make, and always a hit when served to guests. The ingredients are few and basic and the dressing very simple. It allows the sweet corn to shine as the star of the salad.

You can use


Coxinha, Brazilian chicken fritters

Crispy and elegant Coxinha, Brazilian chicken fritters

Coxinha, Brazilian chicken fritters is a popular street snack in Brazil and also an appetiser at parties. It is a fritter shaped like a chicken drumstick, the name coxinha means little chicken thigh. There are 3 layers to the coxinha, an outer crispy exterior, a middle layer of soft dough and a moist seasoned chicken filling. 


Foil baked fish with vegetables

Easy, moist, healthy and flavourful Foil baked fish with vegetables

Recipes, Seafood | April 14, 2017 | By

Foil baked fish with vegetables is a pretty, healthy, flavourful and easy dish to prepare.  It conserves the nutrients in the fish and vegetables, nothing leaches out, everything is intact in that parcel. Since the fish and vegetables are cooked together, they stew in a mix of their seasoned juices, so you have the fish


Fried Egusi Soup

Easy and yummy fried egusi soup

Recipes, Soups/ light soups | April 9, 2017 | By

In my earlier post on Egusi soup (lumpy Egusi soup) I mention that there are numerous ways Egusi soup can be prepared in Nigeria cuisine. Fried Egusi soup is another delectable way to get egusi soup on the dinner table. It is easy and very straightforward to prepare. Egusi seed (melon seed) is nutty, mildly sweet and contains a very rich oil. It is common to most parts of Nigeria.

For Fried Egusi soup, the dry ground egusi seed


Nigerian Vegetable pie

Tender, luscious and flavoursome Nigerian vegetable pie

Do you sometimes want something different from the usual meat pie, chicken pie etc? Then make a Nigerian vegetable pie. This vegetable pie is usually a surprise to many upon 1st trial, it packs such a great amount of flavour you won’t believe there is no meat or fish in it.

The Nigerian vegetable pie is not a common hand pie, Nigerian hand pies usually have some type of protein in it, beef, fish, egg or chicken. Some people might even ask if the vegetable pie is a thing or maybe it is vegetarian food. I tell you, it is a thing and it tastes damn good, you won’t miss the meat.

This is one of the


Nigerian fish pie

Delicious and mellow Nigerian fish pie

The Nigerian fish pie is not as common as the meat pie or chicken pie, but if you are a fish lover, this hand pie is for you and if you are not a lover of fish, give it a try you will be pleasantly surprised at how good and mellow it tastes. It is loaded with fish and vegetables, so it is filling and healthy, a complete meal on the go. The Nigerian fish pie is different from the Fish roll which is a fried roll.

Mackerel is the fish of choice but any good tasting fish will do even canned fish like canned tuna, sardines etc. Do not use fish that has its flesh riddled with tiny bones. It will be very challenging getting


Nigerian Meat Pie

soft and golden Nigerian meat pie

Desserts/ finger food, Meat | April 4, 2017 | By

Nigerian meat pie is a hand pie or turnover and is one of the most popular snacks in Nigeria. I am presumptuous enough to say that it is the fastest selling item in any eatery or fast food restaurant in Nigeria.

From the rich and expensive meat pie sold in casual dining and fast food restaurants to the cheap and almost empty ones sold in showcases at motor parks and open markets, Nigerian meat pie never fails to satisfy. It is a complete meal that can be taken on the go which is part of what makes it popular.


Nigerian Sausage Roll

Golden melt-in-the-mouth and flavoursome Nigerian sausage roll

Desserts/ finger food, Meat | April 4, 2017 | By

Nigerian sausage roll is a snack of seasoned sausage meat wrapped in dough. The Sausage roll is common in countries with a British influence like Nigeria. It is so popular in Nigeria, that every eatery or fast food restaurant must include sausage roll on its menu. Freshly baked sausage roll should be soft and golden with well-seasoned sausage meat inside.

The quantity and quality of both dough and filling are as varied as the restaurants. You can get Nigerian sausage rolls with hard, rubbery, buttery, crumbly or flaky dough. The fillings of some sausage rolls are thick and robust, full of flavour while others have a streak of sausage meat painted


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