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Kunnu Aya, Tiger nut milk

sweet, nutty and healthy kunnu aya, tiger nut milk

Drinks, Recipes, vegetarian | January 31, 2017 | By

Kunnu aya, tiger nut milk is rich, nutty and creamy and is called nectar from the ground or Drink of the gods. It is made from Tiger nut. From Nigeria where it is called kunnu aya or Aya milk to Spain, where it is known as Horchata de Chufas, it is deliciously enjoyed. Also made in parts of Latin America and the Middle east.

Many types of non-dairy milk are available, some are made from nuts, grains etc, eg. almond, soy, rice, coconut and tiger nuts. Tiger nut is not actually a nut but a tuber, a mini tuber. It tastes and feels like soft coconut, but is sweeter. 

There are so many reasons to make and drink kunnu aya. It is


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