Hello everyone,

I want to welcome you on this culinary journey. We are going to have an awesome time right here.

Since we are going to be Nigeria-centric, you need to understand that Nigerian dishes are numerous and very diverse. Nigeria has so many ethnic groups and each group has a bunch of dishes indigenous to them.

That being said, there are some dishes that cut across the different tribes though with a few differences in their preparation methods. Here we are going to use the simplest, easiest method without compromising taste. Nigerian food is also mostly spicy and most times the ingredients are not measured but ‘eye-balled’. I will do my best to give as precise a measurement as is possible. Sometimes using both cup and weight measurements in 1 recipe. 

Another exciting thing is that we will bring back some delectable and nutritious dishes that are unfortunately going into extinction and some borrowed from other parts of the world. This will help us diversify our menus at home.

In no-frills cooking, it is also good to have some ingredients prepared ahead of time and stored. It helps shorten the preparation and invariably, the cooking time. E.g I grind my crayfish, egusi, ogbono etc and store in airtight containers in the freezer. 

We might veer off sometimes into other interesting things about Nigeria because in all honesty, Nigeria is one of the most interesting and exciting countries in the world, and anywhere Nigerians find themselves, they always, always have a part of them at home.







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