Hi, my name is Ganiru, I’m a wife of 33 years, a mother of 5, an accountant, and a writer, who not only loves to cook at home but also enjoys writing about it.  I have a Cookbook series called—The Pretend Chef.
Prior to being married, I could barely cook. I neither liked food nor liked cooking. All that had to change because I had to feed my husband (my Renaissance man) and children. Being a lover of books and learning, I became a sponge whenever I was around people cooking and read everything I could find about it. Luckily for me, I had both my mother and mother-in-law to aid me in my moments of need (my mother graciously avoided saying ‘I told you so’).
My search for skill and knowledge led me anywhere food was being prepared. If a new restaurant was being opened and I knew the owner, I was there and ready to cook and learn with the staff. Food channels were my soap operas and recipe books were my textbooks. You would always find me in the kitchen at parties, weddings, burials, and other events. I was always ready to get my hands in the thick of things, asking questions, learning tips and techniques in order to cook those special meals for my family and loved ones.
 As a result, it became my passion to ensure I learned as much as I could about food and its preparation, from its visual appeal to its nutritional benefits. From ‘Market-to-Table.’
The aim of ‘No Frills cooking’ is to make life easier when preparing meals, thereby leaving you with more time to savour your masterpiece. With recipes that give you room to bring in your own personal flair and authenticity, you are definitely at the right place. In the words of Mabel Younadam – Cooking is a way to show love and give pleasure. I am here to teach and help you do just that.
Emphasis will be on Nigerian food, while food from beyond the Nigerian borders will feature prominently to create a wider range of choices as well as add an exciting element that comes with diversity.
So put on your toques and aprons, get your utensils ready, let’s embark on a culinary journey … Let’s Pretend to be Chefs.
I will love to know you from your comments, questions, ideas and thoughts. Email: pretendchefofficial@yahoo.com

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