washed catfish pepper soup (Point and kill)

How to kill a catfish

How to kill a Catfish How to remove the gut of a Catfish How to cut a Catfish into steaks  Ever wondered what you will do if you had to kill a catfish to eat? There are several ways to kill a Catfish, some are more humane than others. Most […]

sorrel puree recipe

Sorrel Puree Recipe

This Sorrel puree recipe (Zobo puree) is easy and straightforward. It is a puree made from the calyx of the sorrel plant. It is very similar to Cranberry sauce both in taste and colour. When we think of sorrel, we mostly think of Sorrel drink or Sorrel tea (Zobo). Also […]

Quick pickled vegetables

Quick Pickled Vegetables

Quick pickled vegetables is a quick and easy way to have pickle vegetables when you are in a hurry. Pickling is practised in many cultures across the world and it entails the immersion of food in saltwater brine or acidic liquid like vinegar until they are no longer raw. It […]

Perfectly made Starch (Usi)

How to make Starch (Usi), Delta starch

Well made Delta Usi (Starch) is yellow, thick, stretchy and gelatinous. Made from cassava, raw starch has the same consistency as raw corn starch (akamu, ogi, pap). It is the perfect accompaniment for Banga or Owho soup. Swallowing it is so effortless you might end up overeating. For some, how […]

The best, Sweet, refreshing black Velvet Tamarind juice

Black velvet tamarind juice

When we eat black velvet tamarind in my home, everyone sits in one place each with a tray. You peel and eat or peel and put in a zipper bag, this makes cleaning up a lot easier. Those black shells can really mess up the house but we all love […]

Authentic Middle Eastern Shawarma spice mix

Shawarma Spice Mix-Homemade Middle Eastern Shawarma spice

Shawarma spice mix like practically all spice mixes varies from person to person. Usually, there are certain ingredients that are always present. This recipe is loaded with flavour and it is what I mostly use for my Easy Homemade Shawarma (Middle Eastern/ Nigerian). You can use this spice mix in

12 Awesome dishes made with leftover rice

12 Awesome dishes made with leftover rice

Whenever I am very busy, I deliberately make more rice than we can eat so that I can use the leftover another day for a totally new dish saving me a lot of time. We eat a lot of rice in my home. If you happen to have cooked rice that […]

toast sesame seed

How to toast Sesame seed (Ridi, Benne seed)

To toast sesame seed is one of the easiest things to do and it gives the seed a pleasant nutty flavour. Sesame seed is a nutrient-rich seed with many health benefits. It is high in protein and good for digestion. Sesame seed has so many culinary uses, it is used […]

Spicy and sticky sweet chilli pepper sauce

Sweet chilli pepper sauce

Sweet chilli pepper sauce is sweet, spicy, and sticky. It tastes so good you will want to put it on everything. This sweet chilli sauce is a Thai sweet chilli sauce and it is cheap, unbelievably easy and incredibly quick to make with ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Six minutes from the […]

Ngwo ngwo goat offal pepper soup

Ngwo ngwo goat offal pepper soup is a delicacy cooked in the Eastern part of Nigeria. The parts of the goat used are the tripe (stomach locally called towel), intestines, liver, kidney, heart, spleen, testicles and a bit of the flesh. Ngwo ngwo fills me with nostalgia because it always reminds […]