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Afang soup deluxe

Afang Soup Deluxe

Afang Soup Deluxe is basically Afang soup taken from delicious to exquisite, this recipe will blow your Afang loving minds. A lot of experimentation goes on in the modern kitchen, the reason being that people are bolder now, taking risks in the kitchen. Be it the professional or home cook, everyone is prepared to go against the establishment and make a statement with their food, tell stories, put their personality or signature on the food they cook.

There is also a lot of fusion going on in food preparation. Afang Soup Deluxe is a fusion


Gbegiri beans soup

Gbegiri, Creamy yoruba beans soup

I read somewhere that if the Yorubas of Western Nigeria were to have a flag, it will be the colours of Abula. Abula is a combination of Gbegiri, Ewedu and Obe Omi. I also heard that Gbegiri is an unhindered express road to a man’s heart, hmm…men will have to confirm that. It might just answer the age-old question, ‘what do men want?’ Gbegiri.

To be honest,


Plain Okro Soup (Ila)

Fresh Plain okro soup with Omi Obe and Amala

Plain okro soup is different from the one pot okro soup, it is cooked to be accompanied by the versatile Omi Obe (stew). They make an exquisite pair. I first ate plain okro with Omi Obe in the boarding school. At first, it was a shock to me seeing stew and eba (garri fufu) served together, then there was this pool of seemingly uncooked okro right in the middle. Did somebody forget to stir the soup in the pot? Did they forget to add the okro when the soup was being cooked?  By the way who serves stew and eba? Coming from the Eastern part of Nigeria, I had only known the one pot Okro soup with green leafy vegetables. Eventually


Ewedu Soup

Simple Ewedu soup

Ewedu soup is the soup my Yoruba friend, Shade loved and always raved about in secondary school. In the refectory, we were being served stew and Plain okro soup and the times I ate it I liked it, strange though. So I promised myself that one day I will get to eat Ewedu soup.

The opportunity presented itself at the early stage of Buka surfing in Lagos which my Sister-in-law and I indulge in, I remembered Shade and ordered Ewedu soup. After staring at it for awhile


Omi Obe (Stew)

Omi Obe (Stew) with goat ear

To the Yorubas of Western Nigeria, Omi Obe is a ubiquitous stew/soup. Literarily translated as watery stew, it serves so many purposes and as a Nigerian home cook, it is one dish that should never be missing from your freezer. It will save you in many culinary emergencies, I speak from experience. For the flavour it packs, Omi Obe is surprisingly very simple to make with simple everyday ingredients.

Whenever I am in Lagos, my Sister-in-law and I go Buka surfing or revisit some of our favourite ones. No two buka stews taste exactly the same, but most are really, really good and the variety of meat can be overwhelming. In fact, some are so good you will be tempted to lick your plate. I also need to mention that my Rennaisance man


Fried Egusi Soup

Easy and yummy fried egusi soup

Recipes, Soups/ light soups | April 9, 2017 | By

In my earlier post on Egusi soup (lumpy Egusi soup) I mention that there are numerous ways Egusi soup can be prepared in Nigeria cuisine. Fried Egusi soup is another delectable way to get egusi soup on the dinner table. It is easy and very straightforward to prepare. Egusi seed (melon seed) is nutty, mildly sweet and contains a very rich oil. It is common to most parts of Nigeria.

For Fried Egusi soup, the dry ground egusi seed


Ugu soup, Ofe ugu

Easy Ugu soup, ofe ugu

Soups/ light soups | March 21, 2017 | By

Ugu soup is one soup I cannot say I know the origin of, I actually thought my Mother created it, this was until I ate it at a local restaurant. It is not a very common soup which is surprising given that it really really tastes good. It is like a relationship where opposites attract or somebody tried to pull a joke because the soup has all the trappings of a typical sturdy Igbo soup but then light-hearted ugu vegetable is added. 

Like most Nigerian vegetable soups, the ugu


Goat meat pepper soup

Spicy, flavourful goat meat pepper soup

Meat, Recipes, Soups/ light soups | March 18, 2017 | By

Goat meat pepper soup is Goat meat in spicy, herby broth. It is the most common meat pepper soup in a lot of Nigerian households. It is also a staple at weddings and ceremonies, in restaurants, it is almost always on the starter menu along with fresh fish pepper soup. In pubs/beer parlours, goat meat pepper soup is a staple and patrons drink copious quantities along with their drinks to the joy of the beer parlour madam. She makes sure to add enough hot pepper in it so that the more pepper soup you drink,


Chicken pepper soup, Nigerian Chicken pepper soup

Spicy, hot, flavourful and tender chicken pepper soup, comfort food at its best.

Recipes, Soups/ light soups | March 14, 2017 | By

It’s cold, it’s raining, you have a nasty cold and your nose is blocked, a bowl of steaming hot chicken pepper soup is placed before you. Not overly spicy, not bland, just the right balance of spice, heat, flavour and tender chicken, Chicken pepper soup, comfort food at its best. 

Chicken pepper soup is basically chicken broth with herbs and spices added. Chicken soup is


Sweetcorn egg drop Soup

Clean tasting sweetcorn egg drop soup

Soups/ light soups, World food | February 14, 2017 | By

Sweetcorn egg drop soup is one of the most popular and basic Chinese soups in Nigerian-Chinese restaurants. It is very simple and easy to make yet always looks impressive.

It is called egg drop because of the way the egg is drizzled into the soup while cooking it. This soup is also called egg flower soup because the egg poured in, blooms and looks like flowers in the soup.

Sweetcorn egg drop soup is ideal when you


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