Nigerian ingredients 1 5 Nigerian cuisine: 32 Essential Nigerian food ingredients

Nigerian cuisine: 32 Essential Nigerian food ingredients

Nigeria is a country blessed with an abundance of food. From the arid desert in the far north to the savannah in the middle belt and tropical rain forest of the deep south, each region produces a variety of produce and livestock some of which are peculiar to the particular […]

Hearty Jamaican chicken soup

Jamaican chicken soup with dumplings

Jamaican Chicken Soup is a simple and hearty soup with a very rich flavour. It is such an easy soup to make that will have your taste buds singing and your belly full and warm. There is a complete meal in each bowl of soup. Practically every cuisine has a chicken soup, […]

Healthy and Tasty Carrot Fries

Carrot fries, Carrot chips

Carrot fries are sweet, delicious and easy to make, they taste like sweet potato fries. They are so good, you can make a batch and they will be gone in minutes and the only complaint you will get is, you didn’t make enough. They are similar to french fries (potato chips) which itself […]

15 easy christmas food ideas

15 Easy Christmas Food Ideas

Christmas season, food, food and even more food. Delicious, seam bursting food!!! So… Are you stumped for food ideas? Are you bored with the same old menu? Are you nervous about cooking for relatives and friends? Do you want to make spectacular food on the cheap? Do you want to impress […]

Creamy and Fluffy easy potato salad

Easy potato salad

Easy Potato salad is comfort food that is simple with few ingredients. It is sweet and salty with a mild tang or acidity. Served as a side dish, it is hearty and filling. With so many meat dishes being prepared for the Christmas season, Potato Salad makes an ideal side […]

Crispy and light as air uncooked potato green vegetable balls

Potato and green vegetable balls (Green amaranth)

Potato and green vegetable balls are crispy and light. They are healthy and taste great warm or cold, it makes you wonder how something so simple can taste so good. These vegetable balls are quick and easy to make. The kids will love them and can help with moulding the balls. […]

very ripe plantain slices for Fried plantains recipe

Fried plantain recipe

Fried plantain is caramel sweet and delicious. Plantains are a staple of the tropical region, from far east Asia to west and east Africa to the Americas, and are enjoyed in different ways. They are high in potassium and fibre and when ripe, they are fried to make a delicious snack, meal or […]

Sweet and salty ripe plantain empanada

Ripe Plantain Empanada

Ripe Plantain empanada is one of the most delicious things you will ever eat. The sweet taste of the plantain contrasts perfectly with the salty taste of the filling. It has a caramelised crust with a soft delicate inside. It is indeed amazing. Plantain empanada can be used as a […]

Sweet and salty gizdodo, gizzard and plantain

Gizdodo, Gizzard and fried Plantain

Gizdodo, gizzard + dodo = gizdodo (dodo is fried plantain). The name is simple enough for one to guess the 2 main ingredients, gizzard and plantain. The dish is also simple enough to prepare and cook but when it comes to the taste, you realise where the originator of this […]

Oto Mboro (Unripe banana porridge)

Oto Mboro is a porridge made with grated or pureed unripe bananas and vegetables. Similar to Ikokore (water yam porridge) and plantain porridge. It is delicious and healthy, so much so that it is part of the food given to young maidens who are confined in the fattening rooms of […]