Nigerian party appetizers (small chops) in a tray

18 Nigerian party appetizers (small chops)

Nigerians are party people, absolutely nothing stops them from partying and they don’t need much of an excuse to throw a party. A Nigerian party can have hundreds of guests in attendance. Hard-working people, who also party hard. Parties include Pre-wedding party (sometimes called “Suya night”), Traditional wedding, Church wedding, […]

Authentic Atama Soup (Abak Atama)

Atama soup, Abak Atama

Atama soup (Abak Atama) is a palm nut juice-based soup. It is local to the Ibibios and Efiks of Akwa-Ibom and Cross River States of South-south Nigeria. It is similar to Ofe Akwu (Igbo) and Banga soup (Niger Delta) the only difference is the herbs used in the different dishes. […]

Healthy, flavourful and fresh smoked fish with greens

Nigerian Smoked fish with greens

Smoked Fish with greens is a flavourful and fresh way to use greens. By greens, I mean green amaranth which is simply called Green in Nigeria. It is a quick and simple dish to make, convenient for a quick dinner on a weeknight because it comes together very fast with […]

Crispy and light as air uncooked potato green vegetable balls

Potato and green vegetable balls (Green amaranth)

Potato and green vegetable balls are crispy and light. They are healthy and taste great warm or cold, it makes you wonder how something so simple can taste so good. These vegetable balls are quick and easy to make. The kids will love them and can help with moulding the balls. […]

Healthy, delightfully tasty nigerian beans porridge

Nigerian Beans Porridge

Nigerian Beans porridge is a one-pot dish that is cheap, healthy, very easy to cook and tastes delightful. Beans are a good source of plant protein, iron, fibre and vitamin B. It is especially important for vegetarians and weight watchers. Nigerian mothers believe beans porridge is highly nutritious and will […]

very ripe plantain slices for Fried plantains recipe

Fried plantain recipe

Fried plantain is caramel sweet and delicious. Plantains are a staple of the tropical region, from far east Asia to west and east Africa to the Americas, and are enjoyed in different ways. They are high in potassium and fibre and when ripe, they are fried to make a delicious snack, meal or […]

Spicy, aromatic and mildly sweet Jamaican Jerk Marinade

Jamaican Jerk Marinade (sauce)

Jerk marinade (sauce) is hot, spicy, aromatic and mildly sweet. Any time Jamaican food is mentioned, we instantly think Jerk! Jerk seasoning has been developed over centuries by Jamaicans with locally available ingredients and others added due to different influences. It reminds me so much of the versatile Nigerian suya spice. […]

Simple and Easy pizza muffin

Pizza Muffin Pizza cup

Pizza muffin (pizza cup) is a portable, single-serve deep dish Pizza, an ideal on-the-go snack or meal. Hardly anyone hates pizza. There are so many ways to make it and a huge number of ingredients to choose from that I believe there must be a pizza suited to each person, […]

Golden delicious steak and kidney pie

Best Steak and kidney pie

Steak and kidney pie is traditionally a British pie with filling that is slow-cooked for a long time to yield a rich gravy with very tender, juicy meat. It is comfort food that truly comforts, in fact, if you are into comfort eating, stay away from steak and kidney pie, […]

Best hot and spicy catfish pepper soup (Point and kill)

Catfish pepper soup (Point and kill)

When the weather is cold, you are home warm and cosy, then your tummy starts rumbling, demanding food, what usually springs to mind? hot chocolate, steaming plate of spicy jollof rice, a large bowl of pepper soup, fresh fish pepper soup…? So I made this steaming hot pot of catfish pepper soup because it was raining and cold outside but warm and toasty indoors and […]