Healthy and aromatic Green leafy vegetable rice

Green Leafy Vegetable Rice, Callaloo Rice

Green leafy vegetable rice is enriched wholesome rice, an excellent way to add more vegetables to your diet. Made with green amaranth and lovely aromatic herbs, it is herby, packed full of flavour and nutrients. I have been craving green leafy vegetables of late especially green amaranth simply called green […]

Healthy, flavourful and fresh smoked fish with greens

Nigerian Smoked fish with greens

Smoked Fish with greens is a flavourful and fresh way to use greens. By greens, I mean green amaranth which is simply called Green in Nigeria. It is a quick and simple dish to make, convenient for a quick dinner on a weeknight because it comes together very fast with […]

Best hot and spicy catfish pepper soup (Point and kill)

Catfish pepper soup (Point and kill)

When the weather is cold, you are home warm and cosy, then your tummy starts rumbling, demanding food, what usually springs to mind? hot chocolate, steaming plate of spicy jollof rice, a large bowl of pepper soup, fresh fish pepper soup…? So I made this steaming hot pot of catfish pepper soup because it was raining and cold outside but warm and toasty indoors and […]

processed catfish

How to Process Catfish

Catfish is a freshwater fish and is so-called because of the whiskers on its head which are called Barbels. It doesn’t have scales, it has firm flesh and is good for most cooking methods and recipes. Catfish is excellent for frying, boiling, roasting and drying, it can be used in […]

Egg and Sardine empanada filling

Egg and Sardine Empanada Filling

The Egg and sardine Empanada filling is almost a non-cook, easy to make the filling, almost because you will need to boil the egg. It uses ingredients that will normally be in your kitchen already. If you have empanada dough in your freezer that needs to be used up but […]

Rich and spicy Nigerian fish stew (Imoyo), Obe eja tutu

Nigerian Fish Stew (Imoyo)

If food were music, Obe imoyo will be my Love song and eja (fish) will be the lyrics, fresh fish to be precise. I love Nigerian fish stew especially served with boiled yam, Iyoh or ipoko yam from Abakiliki in Eastern Nigeria. This Imoyo is not the same Imoyo from the Caribbean. There […]

Easy, moist, healthy and flavourful Foil baked fish with vegetables

Foil baked fish with vegetables

Foil-baked fish with vegetables is a pretty, healthy, flavourful and easy dish to prepare.  It conserves the nutrients in the fish and vegetables, nothing leaches out, and everything is intact in that parcel. Since the fish and vegetables are cooked together, they stew in a mix of their seasoned juices, […]

Delicious and mellow Nigerian fish pie

Nigerian fish pie

The Nigerian fish pie is not as common as the meat pie or chicken pie, but if you are a fish lover, this hand pie is for you and if you are not a lover of fish, give it a try you will be pleasantly surprised at how good and mellow […]

Easy Catfish baked in pepper sauce (Point and kill)

Baked Catfish in pepper sauce (Point and kill)

To the uninformed “Point and kill” sounds like an order from the army, police or at best, game hunters. Never will they guess it has anything to do with fish. In all honesty, “point and kill” sounds violent but that is the name Nigerians have lovingly given to some popular […]

Simple, easy and delicious Nigerian smoked fish sauce

Nigerian smoked fish sauce

This smoked fish sauce is a very simple and easy sauce to make and can be eaten with a variety of things. This sauce is an excellent way to incorporate more fish with all its wonderful nutrients into our diet. I use smoked mackerel to prepare the sauce. The humble […]