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Sweet potato bread rolls

These Sweet potato bread rolls are soft with an exquisite taste, very moreish. They are perfect for any kind of sandwich filling or with a light soup like my Chicken pepper soup.

Sweet potato bread rolls add variety to the table when you want something different from the usual wheat bread. They will also keep longer too while retaining freshness. 


Sweet potato muffins

Sweet potato muffins are moist, tender and flavourful you can taste the earthy flavour of sweet potato. The recipe is very easy, simple and straightforward.

I love when I can incorporate vegetables into desserts eg. carrot cake and beetroot cake because it kind of dulls the guilt of eating too much of a good thing. Sweet potato muffin…is a good thing.


Yam pepper soup (ji mmiri oku)

Spicy and hot yam pepper soup (ji mmiri oku)

Yam pepper soup (Ji mmiri oku) is pepper soup with yam added to it. Among the Igbos of eastern Nigeria, this is the first dish given to a woman immediately after childbirth and is mostly prepared by her mother who comes to take care of her for the first month (Omugwo) after childbirth. The combination of spices and the heat of the soup is believed to help flush her womb of lochia and get her milk coming in. It is so woven into the Igbo culture such that if you see a man


Poor man’s Potato

Simple and wholesome poorman's potato (Patatas a lo pobre).

Poor man’s potato is a direct translation of the Spanish dish called Patatas a lo pobre. It is made up basically of potatoes, onions and peppers fried in oil. 

Sometimes the best things in life are the simplest. There is nothing poor about this dish, it is healthy, it is filling and it tastes awesome-real comfort food. Poor man’s potato is good for vegetarians, dieters and gluten sensitive people.


Asun spicy goat meat

Excitingly spicy asun spicy goat meat

ASUN spicy goat meat

Asun spicy goat meat is roasted goat meat with the skin intact, sauteed in onions and pepper, plenty of onions and hot pepper. It is a delicacy from the western part of Nigeria commonly served at parties as finger food (small chop, petit four).

For parties, the goat meat is roasted over an open flame or hot charcoal or a barbeque grill. This is not always possible for the home cook. The oven or grill can be used and the asun will still be delectable.

It is exciting that we don’t have to wait for a party to enjoy Asun spicy goat meat. This recipe is, therefore, adapted to the home cook and is just as good as the “original”.


Vegetable yam (ji akwukwo)

Simple and wholesome vegetable yam (ji akwukwo).

Vegetable yam (ji akwukwo) is a dish made with boiled yam, palm oil and vegetables, mostly green amaranth. You can also use a combination of two vegetables. My father who was part vegetarian, in the midst of serious carnivores, loved this simple dish. It is so easy to make and tastes great.


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