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St. John’s Farmers’ market

Food Trek | November 27, 2016 | By

Whenever the sun is out in St. John’s, staying indoors seems a disservice to both yourself and the community. So this beautiful saturday with nothing to do and longing for fresh produce, I decided to go to the St. John’s farmers’ market, dragging son no.2 with me. The sun was smiling down on us. 

The St. John’s Farmers’ Market takes place at the lion’s club along bonaventure avenue and is open from 9am-2pm every saturday from the first saturday in june to the third saturday in december.


Fresh herbs and vegetables

St. John’s, the provincial capital of the Island of Newfoundland, in the eastern coast of Canada, has a very rugged terrane which is not very conducive for agriculture. So I was surprised to see the quantity and diversity of fresh produce at the market.


Afro-caribbean cuisine

Though we went quite late, we were still able to snag a few things and take some pictures. It is best to go by public transportation because parking is limited, we went by bus.

There was a lot going on there, with kids running around in the playground, entertainment by buskers and presenting ‘Shake it up’, was Shakespeare by the sea.


Purple bell pepper at The St. John’s Farmers’ Market

There was fresh produce, vegetables and fruits, dairy products, meat, sweet pastries, jewelry, coffee, soap, crafts and food, all made by the sellers.

There were different types of cuisines, Indian, lebanese, jewish, Canadian, Afro-carribean etc., and one was spoilt for choice.


Indian food vendor

These vendors also had home-made jams, fresh home-made bread, pickles, curds, gluten-free food, kebabs, dairy free products, curries, waffles, toutons, delightful marshmallows, mixed spice jams and chillies, complete dry soup mixes etc. 


Home-made bread, jam, tea biscuits, curds etc.

The blue box pantry really, really caught my interest. They had pre-packaged dry ingredients for soup, you just need to add water, fresh vegetables and meat. I am a sucker for anything that will make life easier especially in the kitchen.


The Blue Box Pantry Soup mixes


The Blue Box Pantry

Then there was Spindrift swirl fine cloud-in-the-mouth marshmallows,


Spindrift Swirl Marshmallows

and the delightful, flavoursome jams, chillies, mustard etc, made by Condiments by Steve.

Condiments by Steve

Condiments by Steve


Condiments by Steve

For wholesome local spices and seasonings, Newfoundland Seasonings was there with their range of MSG, additives, gluten, or preservatives-free seasonings.


Unfortunately, my favourite Nanaimo bars were all gone before I got there, still bought some other delicious treats.


Delightful sweet pastries

Moo-less morsels, a bakery offering dairy-free desserts, something for everybody.


People carted food home in food packs and dishes, others settled on the grass and patio to relish there’s. Besides the fun and food, the greatest feeling was the overwhelming sense of community.

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