blanched sliced onions in how to blanch vegetables

How to blanch vegetables

Blanching is a cooking method where food is immersed in boiling water for a short time, then immersed into iced water to stop the cooking. It is used on vegetables, meat, bones for stock, fruits etc. Here I have explained how to blanch vegetables, starting with onions. I will include other food ingredients soon.


  • Blanching is used to brighten and enhance the natural colour of vegetables e.g green beans, cauliflower, onions, carrot, broccoli, etc.
  • To soften vegetables for use as part of an uncooked dish e.g. salad
  • To loosen the skin of some vegetables and nuts for easy peeling e.g tomatoes, almonds
  • To help extend the lifespan of stored vegetables in the fridge.
  • To mellow or remove the taste of strong tasting vegetables e.g cabbage, onions


How to blanch onions onion rings 

  • Wash and peel onions. slice into very thin rings, and separate into individual rings.

how to blanch vegetables

  • Have a bowl of  boiling water and another of ice water set out.
  • Put onions slices into the boiling water, leave for 10-15 seconds (just count to 10 or 15) depending on the thickness and quantity of onions.

how to blanch vegetables

  • You will notice it beginning to lose colour, immediately remove with a slotted spoon and dump into the ice water. Count again to 10 or 15 then remove and spread ut to dry. 

how to blanch vegetables

Use in your Nigerian vegetable salad.


How to blanch Tomatoes

Wash tomatoes and set aside.

Fresh tomatoes for How to blanch vegetables


Place a pot of water over medium-high flame. The water should be enough to cover the tomatoes well. 


Into a large bowl, pour very cold water, if you can, add ice cubes, set aside. 

Bring the water in the pot to a rolling boil. Place tomatoes into the boiling water. Do not over-crowd the water. Leave to boil for 1-2 minutes depending on how thick the tomato skin is. The skin will start splitting.

whole tomatoes in boiling hot water for how to blanch vegetables

Drain tomatoes and immediately place in the cold water for about 30 seconds, till you see the skin wrinkly.

whole tomatoes immersed in ice cold water for how to blanch vegetables

Pick out tomatoes, peel off the skin and use for your recipe. 

peeled tomatoes for How to blanch vegetables



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