Nigerian party appetizers (small chops) in a tray

18 Nigerian party appetizers (small chops)

Nigerians are party people, absolutely nothing stops them from partying and they don’t need much of an excuse to throw a party. A Nigerian party can have hundreds of guests in attendance. Hard-working people, who also party hard. Parties include Pre-wedding party (sometimes called “Suya night”), Traditional wedding, Church wedding, […]

10 common Nigerian breakfast dishes

10 common Nigerian breakfast dishes

Breakfast is fast-paced these days in Nigeria, with both parents working and domestic staff being expensive and sometimes unreliable even unsafe. There was a time when breakfast was more elaborate. The family could enjoy a continental breakfast with all its trappings, especially during the weekends. Breakfast then could be

Light, crispy and tender Cooked Rice Pancake with Leftover Rice

Cooked Rice Pancake with Leftover Rice

This cooked rice pancake is light and tastes awesome. When I made this pancake for the first time, I had quite some leftover rice from the previous dinner (we eat rice a lot in my home). Initially, I wanted to puree everything to a smooth batter but my lazy bone […]

savoury bacon and egg muffins with tomato soup

Savoury Bacon and Egg Muffins recipe

Savoury bacon and egg muffins are great and easy to make. They are excellent for breakfast, brunch and snacks for both adults and children. These muffins are very filling, like eating a whole meal or a meal on the go when you are in a hurry. Savoury bacon and egg […]

Crispy, golden Easy Scotch Egg

Easy Nigerian Scotch Egg Recipe

A scotch egg is simply a boiled egg wrapped in sausage, coated with breadcrumbs and deep-fried or sometimes baked until crisp and golden. This is a very simple, easy scotch egg recipe and it’s really appetising. They are excellent for picnics, buffet, lunchbox, as snacks etc. Daughter no. 2 will

Fluffy and wholesome mushroom omelette

Mushroom Omelette without cheese

This mushroom omelette is fluffy, super healthy and can be thrown together quick and easy. It is lovely as a wholesome breakfast or light dinner with few calories. Mushrooms are the new superfood and are packed with flavour enhancers. They are healthy because of the nutrients they contain, proteins, vitamins, […]

Egg and Sardine empanada filling

Egg and Sardine Empanada Filling

The Egg and sardine Empanada filling is almost a non-cook, easy to make the filling, almost because you will need to boil the egg. It uses ingredients that will normally be in your kitchen already. If you have empanada dough in your freezer that needs to be used up but […]

Creamy, smooth and luxurious stuffed eggs, devilled eggs

Stuffed eggs, devilled eggs

Stuffed eggs are hard-boiled eggs that are sliced in half, the yolks removed and mixed with other ingredients then put back into each half of the egg white. The yolk filling should be creamy, smooth and luxurious. It is known by so many different names, the most common being devilled […]

Thick, dense, rich and indulgent easy spanish omelette

Easy Spanish omelette

Easy Spanish Omelette, (Spanish tortilla, Tortilla española or tortilla de patatas) is a delicious Spanish appetiser, snack and picnic dish made with eggs and potatoes. It is rich, thick and dense and can be served hot or cold, in large wedges or small cocktail size (hors d’oevure) with toothpicks. The […]

Quick, easy and healthy egg muffin

Egg muffins Recipe

These egg muffins are delicious, quick and easy to make, to crown it all it is very healthy. What better way to fuel up your body in the morning, as a lunch pack, a grab ‘n’ go snack or a protein energy boost at mid-day. They are called egg muffins, […]