Delicious Soft-like butter Moi moi

How to make moi moi for 100 people

Making moi moi in large quantities is usually a nightmare for a lot of people. There’s the fact that once it is wrapped and steaming, you cannot add any other ingredient to improve the taste. For some people, it is a hit or miss because there’s a lot of guesswork. […]

Nigerian cuisine: 32 Essential Nigerian food ingredients

Nigeria is a country blessed with an abundance of food. From the arid desert in the far north to the savannah in the middle belt and tropical rain forest of the deep south, each region produces a variety of produce and livestock some of which are peculiar to the particular […]

10 common Nigerian breakfast dishes

10 common Nigerian breakfast dishes

Breakfast is fast-paced these days in Nigeria, with both parents working and domestic staff being expensive and sometimes unreliable even unsafe. There was a time when breakfast was more elaborate. The family could enjoy a continental breakfast with all its trappings, especially during the weekends. Breakfast then could be

Hearty Jamaican chicken soup

Jamaican chicken soup with dumplings

Jamaican Chicken Soup is a simple and hearty soup with a very rich flavour. It is such an easy soup to make that will have your taste buds singing and your belly full and warm. There is a complete meal in each bowl of soup. Practically every cuisine has a chicken soup, […]

Sweet and creamy Kunun Gyada (Groundnut/Peanut porridge)

Kunun Gyada (Groundnut/Peanut Porridge)

kunun gyada is a thin free-flowing gruel made with groundnuts. It has a perfect balance of sweet and slightly sour taste, the sour taste comes from the tamarind or lemon juice added. It is a northern Nigerian staple similar to pap (ogi, akamu) made with cereals. Non-alcoholic drinks from the […]

Very comforting and healthy Nigerian Greens and beans

Nigerian greens and beans (green amaranth)

Nigerian greens and beans is a healthy nutrient-dense combination of greens and beans. Green in Nigeria is the green amaranth. The addition of greens to beans makes a delicious and comforting dish that is low in calories but very filling. This dish is easy to cook and the beans can […]

Healthy, delightfully tasty nigerian beans porridge

Nigerian Beans Porridge

Nigerian Beans porridge is a one-pot dish that is cheap, healthy, very easy to cook and tastes delightful. Beans are a good source of plant protein, iron, fibre and vitamin B. It is especially important for vegetarians and weight watchers. Nigerian mothers believe beans porridge is highly nutritious and will […]

okro soup 12 Nigerian dishes everyone should know how to cook

12 Nigerian dishes everyone should know how to cook

Nigeria is blessed with so much food, fresh organic produce with a lot of variety, due to its climate range. Nigerian climate changes from the north (Sokoto) to the south (Calabar), from Savannah to the rainforest which is reflected in the vegetation and food found in each region. They are […]

tasty Nigerian Refried beans

Nigerian Refried Beans

Refried beans is a staple Mexican dish where it is called Frijoles refritos meaning well-fried beans though it is usually literally translated Refried beans that is beans fried twice. Refried beans is not new to Nigerian cuisine and though it is not called refried beans in Nigeria, we fry our beans from time to […]

Asaro (mashed yam porridge)

Asaro (Mashed yam porridge)

Asaro is an easy one-pot dish of yam porridge/pottage which is popular in western Nigeria. Different from the other type of yam porridge, Asaro is cooked with tomatoes and peppers, then mashed to a complete puree or with a few lumps of yam left unmashed for texture. It is most […]