Delicious Callaloo and Saltfish

Simple Callaloo and Saltfish

Callaloo is a delicious green vegetable commonly referred to as Jamaican Callaloo or Jamaican spinach. Its real name is slender amaranth (Caribbean amaranth). Callaloo and Saltfish is a traditional Caribbean dish. When Callaloo is cooked on its own it tastes good, but when it is paired with saltfish, it goes […]

Jamaican Seasoned Rice

Easy Jamaican Seasoned Rice (Caribbean seasoned rice)

Jamaican seasoned rice is an easy-to-make classic dish in Jamaican cuisine. It is flavourful, aromatic, and incredibly delicious. As a simple side dish, it can be paired with various main dishes such as jerk chicken, curry goat, or fried or grilled fish. It’s perfect for family dinners, potlucks, and dinner […]

Delicious Soft-like butter Moi moi

How to make moi moi for 100 people

Making moi moi in large quantities is usually a nightmare for a lot of people. There’s the fact that once it is wrapped and steaming, you cannot add any other ingredient to improve the taste. For some people, it is a hit or miss because there’s a lot of guesswork. […]

Easy Awara cabbage salad (Tofu Cabbage Salad)

Awara cabbage salad (Tofu Cabbage Salad)

Awara cabbage salad (Tofu Cabbage Salad) is a quick and easy salad made with a few everyday ingredients. It is healthy, delicious, and a simple versatile side dish similar to coleslaw. Awara cabbage salad can be served as a main dish along with shrimp, chicken, fish, steak etc. It is […]

Best Awara Pepper soup, Tofu Soup

Awara Pepper soup, Tofu Soup

Awara Pepper soup, Tofu Soup is a delicious spicy light soup made with herbs and spices. Nigerians love pepper soup and can make pepper soup out of any protein once pepper soup herbs and spices are available. My family is totally in love with pepper soup and we serve it […]

Awara, Soya Bean Tofu, Beske

Awara, Soya Bean Tofu, Beske

Awara is a healthy, popular Northern Nigerian dish made from soya beans, it is also common in western Nigeria. It is called Tofu in English and Awara, Wara or Beske in Nigeria, although beske is fried tofu. Fresh Awara is soft and almost white in colour. It is high in […]

Quick pickled vegetables

Quick Pickled Vegetables

Quick pickled vegetables is a quick and easy way to have pickle vegetables when you are in a hurry. Pickling is practised in many cultures across the world and it entails the immersion of food in saltwater brine or acidic liquid like vinegar until they are no longer raw. It […]

Tender and fluffy Akara

How to make Akara (Bean cake, beans fritters, Kosai)

Akara is a deep-fried fritter made from beans paste or beans powder. It is also called Kosai, Bean cake, Acaraje or Beanballs and is mostly made with black-eyed peas (beans) but there are many other types of beans you can use. Akara is a very popular breakfast dish in Nigeria. […]

Chewy with crispy edges Spring onions pancake. Quick and easy

Spring Onion Pancake (Scallion/Green Onion)

Spring Onion Pancake (Scallion/Green onion pancake) is a compromise recipe of the Chinese scallion pancake which is a savoury Chinese pancake made from dough instead of a batter. The first and only time I made these pancakes was for breakfast at home. Although it was successful, well layered, flaky with […]