Healthy Mushroom hash, mushroom sauce

Mushroom hash, mushroom sauce

I have made this mushroom hash 2 days in a row this week, it is that good. The first day I served it with roasted potato wedges and we couldn’t get enough of it. The next day, I served it with cubes of boiled yam. Hash is not a fussy kind of food, it […]

Healthy and flavour packed Mushroom Pepper soup

Mushroom Pepper soup

Mushroom Pepper soup is an aromatic broth with spices and herbs that compliment the earthy mushroom flavour. It tastes so good even meat lovers will definitely find this pepper soup irresistible. There is something sensual and earthy about mushrooms and they are loaded with umami flavour. Mushrooms are low in calories, high […]

Healthy and Tasty Carrot Fries

Carrot fries, Carrot chips

Carrot fries are sweet, delicious and easy to make, they taste like sweet potato fries. They are so good, you can make a batch and they will be gone in minutes and the only complaint you will get is, you didn’t make enough. They are similar to french fries (potato chips) which itself […]

Sweet and creamy Kunun Gyada (Groundnut/Peanut porridge)

Kunun Gyada (Groundnut/Peanut Porridge)

kunun gyada is a thin free-flowing gruel made with groundnuts. It has a perfect balance of sweet and slightly sour taste, the sour taste comes from the tamarind or lemon juice added. It is a northern Nigerian staple similar to pap (ogi, akamu) made with cereals. Non-alcoholic drinks from the […]

toast sesame seed

How to toast Sesame seed (Ridi, Benne seed)

To toast sesame seed is one of the easiest things to do and it gives the seed a pleasant nutty flavour. Sesame seed is a nutrient-rich seed with many health benefits. It is high in protein and good for digestion. Sesame seed has so many culinary uses, it is used […]

St. John's NL VegFest

VegFest, St. John’s NL, Canada VegFest

VegFest is an annual international vegan food festival which takes place in different parts of the world from North & South America, Africa, Europe to the far east. Each Festival is individually organised entirely by volunteers, it is a not-for-profit and attendance is free. VegFest is for vegans, vegetarians, environmentalists, foodies and anyone […]

15 easy christmas food ideas

15 Easy Christmas Food Ideas

Christmas season, food, food and even more food. Delicious, seam bursting food!!! So… Are you stumped for food ideas? Are you bored with the same old menu? Are you nervous about cooking for relatives and friends? Do you want to make spectacular food on the cheap? Do you want to impress […]

15 Christmas food ideas

kunun aya deluxe, sugar cane-Tigernut drink

Kunun aya deluxe is taking your regular kunun aya, tiger nut drink and making it insanely nectareous and decadent. An irresistible level of sweet, spicy, flavoursome and goodness, even somewhat sensual if you ask me. (ok enough already). I love when I can take a basic recipe and turn it […]

Healthy and light Couscous with bell peppers

Couscous with bell peppers

Couscous with bell peppers is healthy and light and it’s ideal for those busy days you need a quick, simple and healthy meal. Couscous commonly made with durum wheat semolina is a type of pasta but similar to rice in its use. You can use it to replace rice in most […]

Spicy and sticky sweet chilli pepper sauce

Sweet chilli pepper sauce

Sweet chilli pepper sauce is sweet, spicy, and sticky. It tastes so good you will want to put it on everything. This sweet chilli sauce is a Thai sweet chilli sauce and it is cheap, unbelievably easy and incredibly quick to make with ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Six minutes from the […]