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Delicious Callaloo and Saltfish

Simple Callaloo and Saltfish

Callaloo is a delicious green vegetable commonly referred to as Jamaican Callaloo or Jamaican spinach. Its real name is slender amaranth (Caribbean amaranth). Callaloo and Saltfish is a traditional Caribbean dish. When Callaloo is cooked on its own it tastes good, but when it is paired with saltfish, it goes […]

Jamaican Seasoned Rice

Easy Jamaican Seasoned Rice (Caribbean seasoned rice)

Jamaican seasoned rice is an easy-to-make classic dish in Jamaican cuisine. It is flavourful, aromatic, and incredibly delicious. As a simple side dish, it can be paired with various main dishes such as jerk chicken, curry goat, or fried or grilled fish. It’s perfect for family dinners, potlucks, and dinner […]

Authentic Jamaican oxtail stew

Jamaican Oxtail Stew Recipe

Jamaican Oxtail Stew is a beloved classic that captures the rich and soulful essence of Jamaican cuisine, even Caribbean cuisine. It is bursting with rich flavours of aromatic warm spices, herbs and most of all, the rich and tender oxtail.

Jamaican Oxtail Curry

Easy Jamaican Curry Oxtail

Jamaican Curry Oxtail is a culinary masterpiece with a rich aroma, vibrant spices, and complex flavours. It is slow-cooked to produce a pot of succulent oxtail and rich gravy. Oxtail is a delicacy eaten in Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean usually made into a delicious stew. It is […]

Jamaican Sorrel Fruit Cake

Jamaican Sorrel Fruit Cake (Zobo Cake)

Sorrel (Zobo) fruit cake is loved in the Caribbean and is specially made during Christmas. The calyx of the sorrel (zobo) flower is pureed and used for this cake. The Jamaican sorrel fruit cake is similar to the Jamaican Black cake or Christmas fruit cake. It is a delicious, dense […]

sorrel puree recipe

Sorrel Puree Recipe

This Sorrel puree recipe (Zobo puree) is easy and straightforward. It is a puree made from the calyx of the sorrel plant. It is very similar to Cranberry sauce both in taste and colour. When we think of sorrel, we mostly think of Sorrel drink or Sorrel tea (Zobo). Also […]

Easy Jamaican brown stew chicken

Easy Jamaican Brown Stew Chicken

Jamaican brown stew chicken is a classic Jamaican stew that is also found in some Caribbean countries. The chicken is tender with a rich, flavourful gravy and it has many layers and depth of flavour. As with most traditional dishes, there is always some kind of variation, each family having […]

Chewy with crispy edges Spring onions pancake. Quick and easy

Spring Onion Pancake (Scallion/Green Onion)

Spring Onion Pancake (Scallion/Green onion pancake) is a compromise recipe of the Chinese scallion pancake which is a savoury Chinese pancake made from dough instead of a batter. The first and only time I made these pancakes was for breakfast at home. Although it was successful, well layered, flaky with […]

Pan American Music and Food Festival

Pan American Music and Food Festival Toronto

Pan American Music and Food Festival Toronto (PANAMFEST) The whole of the Americas gathered in one place…? Awesome. The 5th edition of the Pan American Music and Food Festival took place at the Younge-Dundas square on the 25th-26th August 2018 and admission was free. The festival, which is in its […]