refreshing, delicious authentic Nigerian Chapman drink

Nigerian chapman drink (mocktail)

Chapman is a very popular cocktail in Nigeria with or without alcohol. It was ‘the’ cocktail in most restaurants, sports clubs, etc. especially among the youths years back. Pink chilled Chapman will arrive at your table in a large beer mug with chunks of fruits and a straw.

It is very refreshing and delicious because you can suck on that straw until half the mug is gone without coming up for air. This pink nectar is a balanced blend of all its components. Chapman also features as part of a Nigerian wedding cocktail bar.

Though Chapman is alcoholic, this recipe is for a Chapman mocktail, meaning no alcohol. It is no less delicious, in fact, being a mocktail, you can drink more of it. The bitters contain alcohol but 1 teaspoon isn’t enough to make this drink alcoholic, and you need the bitters to balance all the sweetness from the other ingredients but if it still matters, just add an extra 1-2 teaspoons of fresh lime juice.

refreshing, delicious authentic Nigerian Chapman drink

You can also serve it in any type of cocktail glass to give it a more dainty look. Some of the ingredients are pretty expensive so, I have given substitutes that are excellent.

To make Nigerian Chapman mocktail

1 cup orange soda (Fanta, Mirinda)
1 cup lime/lemon soda (7up, sprite)
6 tablespoons Grenadine syrup (Zobo syrup, Ribena, blackcurrant cordial)
1 teaspoon Angostura bitters (Alomo bitters, Campari)*        
2 teaspoons fresh lime juice
Ice cubes
Slices of cucumber, lemon, and orange for garnish (pineapple, apple, and mint)


Put ½ the ice cubes in a jug, add orange soda, lime/lemon soda, syrup, bitters and fresh lime juice.

Stir to mix thoroughly.

Share the remaining ice cubes in the serving glasses and pour the Chapman into the glasses, garnish with the fruit slices and add a straw.


*These bitters have about 40% alcohol in them, but the quantity used is insignificant.

refreshing, delicious authentic Nigerian Chapman drink

If you enjoyed my Chapman, you will also enjoy my Iced Tea, Afterglow Mocktail, Carrot-orange juice and Virgin Pina Colada.

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