sugar cookies for Valentine's day

Valentine’s day

There are many stories woven around Valentine’s day. Nobody can say for sure what transpired that February 14th ages ago, but one thing we are sure of is, it is a day to give and receive love. There are the romantic dinners, exchange of gifts for friends and family, parties, picnics, etc. 

Mostly Valentine’s day has always been about significant others, but the celebration of love should be about you and all the people in your life. 

What better way to show love and receive joy than through food, it is the bedrock of any celebration. So I have put together recipes from which you can create a fun and mouthwatering menu.

red velvet cake for Valentine's day

Menu for a 3-course dinner, romantic dinner for 2, a party, family gathering, casual hang out with friends, movie night, picnic, kids’ lunchbox, breakfast in bed, etc. A menu that will not break the bank.

You can make it memorable for yourself, kids, partner, friends and family, whatever you decide to do, let it speak love, friendship and togetherness. Let it give pleasure and caress the senses.



sugar cookies for Valentine's day



Valentine sugar cookies                             Red velvet cake                                             Vegetable Coconut Rice


How to make homemade pizza             Spaghetti and Meatballs in tomato sauce  Chicken salad/candied carrot coins

Sweetcorn egg drop soup                            Crispy sticky Mongolian beef stir fry







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  2. I love the look of the heart shaped cookies! So bright and vibrant, I am sure they would be hard to resist.

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