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20 Interesting facts about Goat meat chevon

20 Interesting facts about Goat meat chevon

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Goat is a ruminant mammal of the Bovidae family, it is closely related to the sheep. The meat of the goat is gamey in taste and a very healthy source of protein. It can be cooked by stewing, frying, barbecuing, baking, grilling etc. It can also be minced, made into sausage or used in curries and soups. Goat is reared for its milk, meat, butter, cheese, hair, and skin.

20 Interesting facts about Goat meat chevon

  20 Interesting facts about goat meat chevon

  1. Goat meat is commonly eaten in Africa, Asia, South and Central America and some European countries.
  2. Goat meat is popular in certain cuisines e.g African especially north Africa, middle eastern, Indian, Caribbean, Mexican etc.
  3. Goat meat is similar to sheep but has a sweeter, richer,  more gamey taste.
  4. Goat meat from an older goat is called Chevon and Kid is the name for goat meat from younger animals.
  5. Goat meat comprises 6% of red meat consumed globally.
  6. Got meat is eaten by 63% of the world’s population.
  7. Goat meat is lean meat.
  8. Goat meat is lower in calories than beef, pork, lamb and chicken.
  9. Goat meat has higher levels of iron compared to a similar serving size of beef, pork, lamb and chicken.

    20 interesting facts about goat meat chevon

    Data: US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service 2013. USDA National nutrient database for standard reference, release 2016, nutrient Data Lab.

  10. Goat meat is comparatively higher in potassium than beef, pork, lamb and chicken.
  11. Goat meat is comparatively lower in sodium than beef, pork, lamb and chicken.
  12. Goat meat resembles beef and lamb in amino acid composition.
  13. Goat meat is best cooked at a low temperature especially if cooked without moisture.
  14. Goat meat if cooked at high temperature, can lose moisture and become tough quickly. This is because of its low-fat content and lack of marbling, that is fat within the muscles.20 Interesting facts about Goat meat chevon
  15. To enhance flavour and increase tenderness, cook goat meat with moisture e.g boiling, braising, stewing.
  16. Goat offals which include heart, lungs, liver, kidney, stomach, spleen, intestines etc, are all used for culinary purposes.
  17. Goat’s head, especially the eyes, is a delicacy and is prepared in most regions where the meat is consumed. It is used for a dish called isiewu in Nigeria.
  18. Goat meat from the mature female that has suckled kids is very tough, it will need the help of a meat tenderizer to soften e.g commercial meat tenderizer, akaun (potash), bean seeds, clean iron nail, pressure pot etc.
  19. Goats that are below one year old, are called kids and normally killed at three to five months of age. Their meat is less juicy and tasty, but it is more tender than the meat of the older goat.
  20. Goat meat from older uncastrated males has a strong gamey taste and smell.

In conclusion, Goat meat has high nutritional value and great health benefits, therefore ideal for health conscious individuals.

Some scrumptious dishes you can make with Goat meat include Jamaican goat curry, Goat meat pepper soup, Asun-spicy goat meat, Homework-spicy goat trotters in sauce, Isi-ewu-goat head in spicy sauce, Ngwo-ngwo- goat offal pepper soup etc.

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