Rich & Delicious Nigerian dirty rice recipe

Nigerian Dirty Rice Recipe

The Nigerian Dirty Rice recipe is an easy recipe for another rich and delicious Nigerian rice dish. It is a simple dish that packs a load of flavour. It is well-flavoured rice with colourful healthy vegetables. Besides the Nigerian jollof, fried rice, Native jollof etc., other delicious rice dishes are […]

Authentic Jamaican oxtail stew

Jamaican Oxtail Stew Recipe

Jamaican Oxtail Stew is a beloved classic that captures the rich and soulful essence of Jamaican cuisine, even Caribbean cuisine. It is bursting with rich flavours of aromatic warm spices, herbs and most of all, the rich and tender oxtail.

Jamaican Oxtail Curry

Easy Jamaican Curry Oxtail

Jamaican Curry Oxtail is a culinary masterpiece with a rich aroma, vibrant spices, and complex flavours. It is slow-cooked to produce a pot of succulent oxtail and rich gravy. Oxtail is a delicacy eaten in Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean usually made into a delicious stew. It is […]

Special smoky party jollof rice

How to cook Smoky Party Jollof Rice for 100 people (Step-by-step)

Jollof rice might be said to be the national dish of Nigeria. Although originating from Senegal, Nigerians have appropriated, transformed, and made it their own. Nigerian jollof rice also called Party jollof rice, or smoky party jollof rice is rich in flavour and is served regularly at parties, restaurants and […]

Nigerian party appetizers (small chops) in a tray

18 Nigerian party appetizers (small chops)

Nigerians are party people, absolutely nothing stops them from partying and they don’t need much of an excuse to throw a party. A Nigerian party can have hundreds of guests in attendance. Hard-working people, who also party hard. Parties include Pre-wedding party (sometimes called “Suya night”), Traditional wedding, Church wedding, […]

Delicious Nkwobi (cowleg) in a plate with red onions and utazi

Nkwobi recipe

Nkwobi is cow leg mixed in a spicy palm oil sauce. Cow leg Nkwobi is the most popular type of Nkwobi, it is a delicacy from Igboland of Eastern Nigeria. It grew from a beer parlour (pub) favourite to a classy restaurant staple and with my simple recipe, you can […]

Easy Jamaican Cowfoot Soup

Cowfoot Soup is a wholesome, comforting soup loved by Jamaicans and the Caribbean in general. They say it is good for a hangover and some believe it is an aphrodisiac, even the Zimbabweans agree too. Eating feet is common

Easy Jamaican brown stew chicken

Easy Jamaican Brown Stew Chicken

Jamaican brown stew chicken is a classic Jamaican stew that is also found in some Caribbean countries. The chicken is tender with a rich, flavourful gravy and it has many layers and depth of flavour. As with most traditional dishes, there is always some kind of variation, each family having […]

Houston food fest

Houston Food Fest 2018

Houston food fest 2018 was a foodie’s delight. With the number and variety of vendors, visitors were spoilt for choice. For an event in its second year, it was indeed very good. The culinary diversity of Houston was on display at the fest and the organisers