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Sweet Potato Tuna Patties

Sweet potato tuna patties are rich and delicate. They are crunchy on the outside and soft, but not mushy on the inside, everyone will love them. Fish and potatoes are always a delicious combination, think fish and chips. This time they are married and living happily ever after and being that it is made with sweet potatoes, they whisper sweet nothings as you indulge. Ok, enough of my ramblings, all am trying to say is these patties are scrumptious.

Most times when we see sweet potatoes in the market we immediately think


Vegetable Yam Porridge

simple and healthy Vegetable Yam porridge

Vegetable yam porridge is Yam Porridge with vegetables and possibly herbs added to it. I am making a separate post on it so I can highlight the fact that a variety of vegetables, herbs and combinations of vegetables and herbs can be used in preparing yam porridge.

It is delicious and healthy and can be made with or without any proteins, making it ideal for vegetarians. Vegetable yam porridge is different from Vegetable yam (Ji Akwukwo).


Yam porridge, Yam Pottage

Easy soft and creamy Nigerian one pot Yam porridge-Yam pottage

Yam porridge is very simple, quick and easy to make. It is delish and very filling, it always reminds me of my time in Federal Government College, Enugu doing my A’ Levels, Yam Po was a dish not be missed. It can be called yam pottage, just like Plantain Porridge / Plantain Pottage, but they are more commonly called porridge. Whatever you call it, just make it scrumptious and enjoy your dish.

Yam Porridge can be served at breakfast, lunch or dinner. In fact in typical Nigerian style, when there are tens of people sleeping over, during weddings, burials etc.,


Jamaican rice and peas

Flavour infused Jamaican rice and peas

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Jamaican rice and peas is a common accompaniment in Caribbean cuisine. In fact, Sunday lunch has to have rice and peas as a part of it and it is no ordinary rice and peas. The Jamaican rice and peas is well infused with flavours but mellow enough not to over power the main dish. When they say peas, they are not actually talking about peas but


Jamaican goat curry

Amazing, meaty, juicy and spicy jamaican goat curry

Jamaican goat curry features prominently in Jamaican cuisine. If a list of popular Jamaican dishes is drawn up goat curry will make it to the top 5. It is meaty, juicy and spicy, amazing.

Jamaican cuisine has been influenced by so many cultures and curry is an Indian influence. The difference between Indian curry and Jamaican curry


Chocolate Syrup

CHOCOLATE SYRUP—If you could make your own chocolate syrup, and it’s simple, cheap, easy to make, and tastes amazing, won’t you make it by the gallon load and drizzle it on any and everything? This Chocolate syrup recipe is smooth and decadent and hits all the right notes.


okazi soup, Ukazi soup

Best Okazi Soup ever

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Okazi soup is a thickened vegetable soup from eastern Nigeria. It is similar to Ofe Owerri, the main difference being that Ofe Owerri is thickened with cocoyam (Owerri court), while Okazi soup is thickened with achi, ukpo or ofo. Each thickener has its own peculiar flavour. Ofo is my favourite, while achi is my least favourite.

The day my cousin


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