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Afang soup deluxe

Afang Soup Deluxe

Afang Soup Deluxe is basically Afang soup taken from delicious to exquisite, this recipe will blow your Afang loving minds. A lot of experimentation goes on in the modern kitchen, the reason being that people are bolder now, taking risks in the kitchen. Be it the professional or home cook, everyone is prepared to go against the establishment and make a statement with their food, tell stories, put their personality or signature on the food they cook.

There is also a lot of fusion going on in food preparation. Afang Soup Deluxe is a fusion of Efik and Igbo cuisine both tribes in Southern Nigeria. It has all the trappings of the authentic Afang soup but with some Igbo flavours added to it.

Afang Soup Deluxe

Afang Soup Deluxe is one of the soups I make when I want to make a long lasting impression on my dinner guest. My Rennaisance man will eat it and praise it to high heavens. I will not take the glory for this recipe, I got it from a friend we call him Api-J who incidentally, gave me my bushmeat and vegetable recipe. Since he told me about it, it has become a case of the student becoming the master.

To prepare Afang Soup Deluxe

dry fish
palm oil
200g onions
650g waterleaf
1/4 cup + 1 tablespoon ground crayfish
1/2 tablespoon whole uziza seed
1 tablespoon ground sungu (shawa)
12g ogili okpei
1 teaspoon ogili isi
6 scotch bonnet (fresh pepper)
Cameroun Pepper
2 cups meat stock
1 cup Periwinkle
2 seasoning cubes
Few uziza leaves
110g okazi

Wash okazi and drain in a sieve, squeeze out as much water as you can then spread out on a tray to dry out a bit.

shredded Okazi for Afang Soup Deluxe

Wash and season meat and stock fish with salt and seasoning cube.

Place over medium-high heat, cook until tender.

Wash dry fish and set aside.

Remove the flowers from the waterleaf, cut off the harder end of the stalks.

Shred both the leaves and soft juicy stalks.

shredded waterleaf for Afang Soup Deluxe

Wash shredded waterleaf in several changes of water, drain in a sieve, squeeze out the water and set aside.

Slice onions, grind together uziza seeds, ogili okpei, ogili isi, scotch bonnet and cameroun pepper.

Wash and shred uziza leaves and using a dry mill of the blender, grind okazi leaves (or pound with mortar and pestle).

Place a clean dry pot over medium-high heat, add palm oil.

When palm oil is hot, add sliced onions and fry for a few minutes until transparent.

onions frying in palm oil for Afang Soup Deluxe

Pour in shredded waterleaf and fry until it is beginning to dry out.

Add ground crayfish, ground sungu (shawa) and the other ground ingredients and fry for about 30 seconds.

Add meat, stock fish, dry fish and some stock.

Rinse shelled periwinkle and add, stir.

Afang Soup Deluxe cooking in a pot

Cook until water has reduced, add shredded uziza leaves and cook for about 2 minutes.

Add okazi and 1 tablespoon extra ground crayfish, stir, taste for salt and cover.

Afang Soup Deluxe cooking in a pot

Cook for about 5 minutes take off the heat and serve with any fufu of your choice.

Afang Soup Deluxe


  • Do not bleach palm oil at all just warm it enough to fry the onions.


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Afang Soup Deluxe

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