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How to make Tigernut Pulp Flour

Tiger nut pulp Flour

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Tigernut Pulp flour is flour produced from the tuber of the tiger nut plant. It is gluten-free, nut-free, seed-free and grain-free. It suits many types of diet like Paleo, Keto, diabetic, raw food and particularly important to the vegan diet.  Read to know 25 amazing facts about tigernut flour.

Tigernut flour can be made in two ways, by


25 Amazing facts about tiger nut flour

25 amazing facts about tiger nut flour

When we hear flour we automatically think wheat, refined or unrefined, then corn and maybe a few other grain flours. Tiger nut flour ‘Cyperus esculentus’ is not your everyday flour, it is totally special not just because it tastes good but the health benefits are enormous. Also, it is not a nut flour being that tiger nut is a tuber.

There are other kinds of flour commonly used besides wheat flour like corn, rice, rye, oat, barley, potato, almond etc. There are also the not so common flours like amaranth, spelt, quinoa and the very unusual ones like coffee and grapeseed flours. In Nigeria, the most utilised flours will be


30 Amazing Facts About Tigernut Milk

30 amazing facts about tigernut milk

Besides eating tigernuts whole, a delicious wholesome non-dairy milk can be made out of them. It is called Kunnu Aya in Nigeria and Chufa de Horchata in Spain. Tigernut milk is white, sweet and creamy. Although tigernut ‘Cyperus esculentus’ is not a nut, it is a tuber but milk is extracted from it like any nut milk.

Tigernut milk is produced commercially in Spain and can be bought in shops. It comes in different forms, Natural tigernut milk, Pasteurised natural tigernut milk, Sterilised tigernut milk, UHT tigernut milk, Concentrate


30 Amazing Facts About Tiger nuts

Fresh Tiger nuts for 30 amazing facts about tiger nut

Sometimes it seems as if nature is partial in its distribution of goodies, to some plants it is overly generous to others not so much. It put in so much good stuff into the simple tiger nut that it is referred to as a ‘superfood’. Tiger nuts have not been given the attention they deserves due to lack of information. Really, it should be part of everyone’s diet. 

Tiger Nut ‘Cyperus esculentus’ is not a nut but a tuber. It is found in many warm countries of the world, from the far east to the middle east and Africa through to the USA and South America. It was originally native to the Mediterranean region. The three main varieties are the black, brown and yellow. The yellow variety is


Easy Pie Dough, shortcrust pastry

soft, tender and supple Easy pie dough

This easy pie dough recipe is a basic shortcrust pastry, it is one of the easiest pastries to make. The short crust pastry is simply made with flour, fat and water, a very important pastry because its usage is far reaching. It is suitable for most Nigerian pastries because it is soft and light but sturdy enough to hold any filling without breaking up or tearing. 

This easy pie dough is not too rich, buttery or bland rather it is crisp, a bit crumbly and melt in the mouth. The crust won’t compete with your fillings rather will act as the ultimate vessel for any of rich, delicate, sweet or savoury pies. It can be used for hand pies or turnovers, tarts, open pies, quiches, water cookies etc.


10 safety tips for the kitchen, kitchen safety tips

10 Safety Tips For The Kitchen

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Recently, I had a kitchen mishap. I was cooking chicken pepper soup for my Renaissance Man and I had a lot on my mind. All I can remember is, me about to pour ground spices into the pot of boiling stock and me trying to catch the said pot of boiling stock from falling off the cooker…very smart!!! Anyway, both forearms were scalded.

I immediately made to dunk my arms into a bowl of cold water in the sink, only to realise that I had dropped my sharp chef’s knife into this same bowl of water earlier


20 Interesting facts about Goat meat chevon

20 Interesting facts about Goat meat chevon

Meat, Tips, Tips/How-tos | March 18, 2017 | By

Goat is a ruminant mammal of the Bovidae family, it is closely related to the sheep. The meat of the goat is gamey in taste and a very healthy source of protein. It can be cooked by stewing, frying, barbecuing, baking, grilling etc. It can also be minced, made into sausage or used in curries and soups. Goat is reared for its milk, meat, butter, cheese, hair, and skin.


Tips for making awesome cakes

pound cake

Cakes are the centre piece of every occassion, and the wonder of throwing a bunch of ingredients together to get a yummy homemade cake, straight-out-of-the-oven-hot, while the aroma permeates your kitchen, what can be more fulfilling than that? Try making a this easy pound cake for starters.

Problem is, it is usually hit or miss for most of us mere mortals, but over the years, these tips have helped me produce lovely cakes that can stand proud anytime and anywhere, time and time again:


14 Tips for cooking Pasta.

Pasta, Tips, Tips/How-tos | November 20, 2016 | By

For some home cooks, cooking pasta well can be a hit or miss. Some days mushy, some days all stuck together and other days dry, sometimes the dish tastes like the ingredients didn’t quite get inside the pasta. These 14 tips for cooking pasta will help solve most of the cooking problems encountered when making pasta dishes.


About Nigerian Dry fish

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The Nigerian dry fish is fish that has been slowly smoked over a period of time till it is dehydrated and dry. Different species of fish are dried and sold, some tastier than others. Both large and small sized fish are dried for consumption. Some are cut into pieces before drying, others are dried whole, sometimes folded or bent and held together with a string or stick for ease of storage.


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