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how to peel beans

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There are certain Nigerian dishes that need peeled beans for their preparation e.g moi moi, gbegiri and akara. Some types of beans are easier to peel than others. 

You can also peel beans with a blender or food processor.

How to peel beans manually

Pick beans to remove any grit. Put in a bowl and add enough water to cover it, leave for 5 minutes or less so that the skin will loosen.


Scrub and rub beans between your hands and against the bulk of the beans in the bowl. As you scrub and rub, the skin will peel off.


When most of the skin has come off, add more water, you will notice most of the skin will be on top of the beans.


Strain the skin into a sieve.


Add more water stir gently and strain into the sieve. Scrub some more to remove the rest of the skin still attached to the beans, keep straining until most of the skin has been strained off.


Rinse and use for your recipe.


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