beans powder 1 How to make beans powder

How to make beans powder

To make Beans powder is very easy. Homemade beans powder tastes way better than the store bought brands I have tasted so far. There are no additives, just pure unadulterated beans. It can be re-hydrated into beans paste for use in cooking Moi-moi, akara, etc. It is a life saver especially when you are in a pinch for time.

Use a mat or cut open an old rice bag to spread out the beans for drying. A tray can be used, but it won’t allow for optimum air circulation, you will have to turn the beans over more often.

To make beans powder:
Skinned beans
Mat or old rice bag

Wash and peel skin off the beans by hand, with the blender or food processor.


When clean, drain using a sieve. Spread mat or rice bag in the sun or very airy place. Distribute beans on it in a single layer.


Stir around from time to time, this is to expose every part of the beans to air and sun, especially at the early stage. As it dries it will require less stirring.

Watch out for signs of mould and remove immediately especially if humidity is high like during the rainy season. The time required to get beans dry highly depends on the humidity of the place.

Dryness will take anywhere between 4 days to 1 week. It is dry when you bite into a bean seed and it breaks with a snap. Take beans to the market for grinding. Just like the okpa (bambara groundnuts), dry beans require industrial grade grinders to turn it into a fine powder. If you have a very high powered grinder, you can also use it.

Store in a well covered container at room temperature.





  1. Welldone and thanks for this. Can I grknd dry pepper with when trying to grind the beans

  2. Can I use the beans if I can get it peeled without washing?

  3. Hi there!
    Do I have to peel the skin off?
    If I don’t have to, would it still require sun drying since Its pretty much dry already

    • I haven’t used unpeeled beans but if you are using unpeeled beans, then, of course, you won’t need to sun-dry it.

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