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VegFest, St. John’s NL. VegFest

St. John's NL VegFest

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VegFest is an annual international vegan food festival which takes place in different parts of the world from North & South America, Africa, Europe to the far east. Each Festival is individually organised entirely by volunteers, it is a not-for-profit and attendance is free.

VegFest is for vegans, vegetarians, environmentalists, foodies and anyone interested or curious about the plant-based lifestyle. I attended my first VegFest, the St. John’s NL Canada VegFest 2016, which took place at the Remaxx Center in St. John’s this was their first VegFest. I was also at the 2017 VegFest.

St. John's NL VegFest

Nourish Bakery, Paradise NL. Gluten-free bakery

Usually, when we think vegan or vegetarian, we think food, animal rights and PETA but not the whole range I saw at the St. John’s VegFest. It was like an alternate universe existing and thriving, it raised my awareness of the vegan world.

VegFest will enlighten and open your mind, it will pique your curiosity to the plant-based lifestyle. It is not just about food but the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. I am an omnivore, I still eat meat, fish, egg etc. but there is a consciousness VegFest has awakened in me. It has also quelled a lot of misconceptions about the vegan lifestyle.

St. John's NL VegFest

Arbonne, Nutrition, weight loss, skincare, detox, make-up

There were food vendors with free food, 100% vegan merchandise, organic farmers, body artists, charities, animals, yoga for kids and teens, entertainment, prizes, guest speakers etc. There was even an interactive panel.

In 2016, I was interested in everything on show, the food, arts, skincare, spices, and talking about spices, Epicure stood out for me. They had so much to offer and Kristie Wheeler, an independent consultant, gave me a few of their spices and seasonings to try out. They had teas, rubs, protein blends etc. which were all vegetarian, gluten-free, non-GMO, no-cornstarch etc.

St. John's NL VegFest

O’Leva Oils & Vinegar

O’Leva Oils & Vinegars, a Newfoundland company, displayed their Extra virgin olive oil, flavoured olive oils, balsamic vinegar and a lot more. Dips and hummus makers, Summer fresh, makers of fresh products with no added preservatives, gave out a mini recipe book with a buy-one-get-one-free coupon in it.

St. John's NL VegFest

Lunchin. Healthy and affordable lunch box delivery

In 2017, I was captivated by the vegan cosmetics industry especially Arbonne. Denielle Hann White, an independent consultant, had so much knowledge of carbon footprints, minerals and additives in cosmetics etc. According to her, there are up to 1400 different additives used in the cosmetics industry but Arbonne uses none of them including no mineral oils or petroleum products. She showed me their plant-based omega 3. I spent a long time at her stand.

St. John's NL VegFest

Memorial University of Newfoundland animal advocacy club

Here are a few pictures of vendors from the 2016 St. John’s VegFest and some more from 2017 St. John’s VegFest. Enjoy…


Freshii, Sushi Nami, Fatima Indian food, Live KombuchaSedna Nutra, Olio Pizzeria, Tulip Baroo, Epicure, Rodrigues wine


Sucseed, Food First NL, Hoppy Homes, Forget Me Not Animal Rescue, SPCA, Good roots ASNF


Ossetra, Indigena, The Mended Path, Saje, YYT Soap, Simply For Life


The vegan jetsetter, Eemann, Studio Maxx, The seed company

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