How to remove gas from beans

How to remove gas from beans

Beans are a cheap source of healthy food, rich in vegetable protein, soluble fibre, antioxidants, complex carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals. They are low in glycemic index and fat, this makes them excellent for vegetarians, diabetics, weight watchers etc. In Nigeria, there are different varieties of beans, the most common being

Healthy, delightfully tasty nigerian beans porridge

Nigerian Beans Porridge

Nigerian Beans porridge is a one-pot dish that is cheap, healthy, very easy to cook and tastes delightful. Beans are a good source of plant protein, iron, fibre and vitamin B. It is especially important for vegetarians and weight watchers. Nigerian mothers believe beans porridge is highly nutritious and will […]

okro soup 12 Nigerian dishes everyone should know how to cook

12 Nigerian dishes everyone should know how to cook

Nigeria is blessed with so much food, fresh organic produce with a lot of variety, due to its climate range. Nigerian climate changes from the north (Sokoto) to the south (Calabar), from Savannah to the rainforest which is reflected in the vegetation and food found in each region. They are […]

tasty Nigerian Refried beans

Nigerian Refried Beans

Refried beans is a staple Mexican dish where it is called Frijoles refritos meaning well-fried beans though it is usually literally translated Refried beans that is beans fried twice. Refried beans is not new to Nigerian cuisine and though it is not called refried beans in Nigeria, we fry our beans from time to […]

Sweet and salty ripe plantain empanada

Ripe Plantain Empanada

Ripe Plantain empanada is one of the most delicious things you will ever eat. The sweet taste of the plantain contrasts perfectly with the salty taste of the filling. It has a caramelised crust with a soft delicate inside. It is indeed amazing. Plantain empanada can be used as a […]

Pigeon pea in coconut milk served with Nigerian tomato stew

Pigeon Pea in Coconut Milk (fiofio)

Pigeon pea is a species of beans and is grown and eaten in most parts of the world now. It has a high nutritional value, rich in protein, minerals, vitamins and lipids and is a wholesome food for both vegetarians and weight watchers. Pigeon pea can be cooked at different […]

Gbegiri, Creamy yoruba beans soup

Gbegiri beans soup

I read somewhere that if the Yorubas of Western Nigeria were to have a flag, it will be the colours of Abula. Abula is a combination of Gbegiri, Ewedu and Obe Omi. I also heard that Gbegiri is an unhindered express road to a man’s heart, hmm…men will have to confirm […]

Wholesome and delicately flavoured breadfruit soup

African breadfruit soup, Ukwa soup

African breadfruit soup (Ukwa soup) is made with the excess cooking liquid or broth drained off when your breadfruit is cooked and ready. It is a special delicacy in Igboland of eastern Nigeria. This liquid has all the rich and delicate flavours of ukwa, the

Luxurious African breadfruit pottage

African breadfruit pottage, Ukwa etelu ete

Breadfruit pottage is the paramount breadfruit dish. It is made with the heavy arsenals of Igbo cuisine. African breadfruit or Ukwa pod comes from the large ukwa tree. The heavy Ukwa pod falls to the ground and is processed to get the delicious ukwa seeds. It is cooked and eaten at […]

Luscious African breadfruit porridge (Ukwa porrdge)

African breadfruit Porridge, Ukwa Porridge

African breadfruit porridge, Ukwa porridge has a delicate but muted sweetness, a flavour peculiar to it. It tastes so good, it can be eaten just boiled without the addition of any other ingredient even salt. African breadfruit, Ukwa (treculia africana) is very nutritious and excellent for vegetarians. It has oils […]