moimoi, beans pudding, making moimoi using beans powder

Moi Moi using beans flour

Moi moi is a very popular beans pudding in Nigeria, made mostly with skinned black-eyed peas (white beans) or brown beans which is in turn ground to a paste and steamed with other ingredients. Making moi moi using beans flour is not only easy and convenient but also tastes good. […]

Best ever Beef liver sauce

Beef liver sauce recipe

This Beef liver sauce is one of my family’s favourites, my children can eat it with practically everything, even on toast. It is easy and quick to make and the ingredients are pantry staples. It can be served as an accompaniment to rice, beans, toast, savoury french toast, potatoes, twice-cooked potatoes, […]

Flavour infused Jamaican rice and peas

Jamaican rice and peas

Jamaican Rice and peas is a common accompaniment in Caribbean cuisine. In fact, Sunday lunch has to have rice and peas as a part of it and it is no ordinary rice and peas. The Jamaican rice and peas is well infused with flavours but mellow enough not to overpower […]

Healthy, vegetarian achicha, dry cocoyam with black beans

Achicha, dry cocoyam

Achicha, dry cocoyam is pre-cooked, sun-dried cocoyam and it lends its name to the vegetarian dish made with it. Achicha is not only delicious and filling but low in calories. It is peculiar to the Igbo people of Eastern Nigeria.

Most delicious plate of beans porridge ever, Adalu, beans and corn porridge

Adalu, beans and corn porridge

Adalu, beans and corn porridge, is so scrumptious, a marriage between sweet and savoury, what can beat that. I didn’t like beans growing up until I got to boarding school ( F.G.G.C Benin) and tasted the beans and dodo (fried plantain) and I fell in love. I don’t know what […]

sweet, nutty, earthy, fiofio pigeon peas with vegetables

Fiofio Pigeon peas

Fiofio Pigeon peas, a legume enjoyed in Africa, Asia and parts of South America. It is variously called Fiofio or Agbugbu in Igbo, Otili in Yoruba, Aduwa in Hausa is also called, Gungo peas in Jamaica and mbaazi in Kenya. Pigeon pea has a sweet, mildly nutty and earthy flavour. […]