Delicious Soft-like butter Moi moi

How to make moi moi for 100 people

Making moi moi in large quantities is usually a nightmare for a lot of people. There’s the fact that once it is wrapped and steaming, you cannot add any other ingredient to improve the taste. For some people, it is a hit or miss because there’s a lot of guesswork. […]

Awara, Soya Bean Tofu, Beske

Awara, Soya Bean Tofu, Beske

Awara is a healthy, popular Northern Nigerian dish made from soya beans, it is also common in western Nigeria. It is called Tofu in English and Awara, Wara or Beske in Nigeria, although beske is fried tofu. Fresh Awara is soft and almost white in colour. It is high in […]

10 common Nigerian breakfast dishes

10 common Nigerian breakfast dishes

Breakfast is fast-paced these days in Nigeria, with both parents working and domestic staff being expensive and sometimes unreliable even unsafe. There was a time when breakfast was more elaborate. The family could enjoy a continental breakfast with all its trappings, especially during the weekends. Breakfast then could be

Tender and fluffy Akara

How to make Akara (Bean cake, beans fritters, Kosai)

Akara is a deep-fried fritter made from beans paste or beans powder. It is also called Kosai, Bean cake, Acaraje or Beanballs and is mostly made with black-eyed peas (beans) but there are many other types of beans you can use. Akara is a very popular breakfast dish in Nigeria. […]

Nigerian Rice and Beans Jollof

Nigerian rice and beans Jollof is basically a combination of rice and beans cooked in a tomato stew. It is nutritionally richer than plain jollof rice because of the addition of beans. Making it is not as straight forward as making Nigerian jollof rice which is a one-pot dish also, […]

Best Nigerian Stir fry Beans

Nigerian Stir fry beans

Beans, just like rice has so many delicious ways of preparing it. This simple and easy recipe is one more excellent and healthy way to serve beans. This is my daughter no. 2’s favourite way of preparing and cooking beans. Beans is important to vegetarians and a healthy source of […]

Authentic and delicious ewa agoyin

Ewa Agoyin and Agoyin Stew

Ewa Agoyin or Agoyin beans is a delicacy of the Agoyin people from the Republic of Benin. It is a combination of very soft mashed up beans and a spicy pepper sauce. Ewa Agoyin is very popular in Lagos, Nigeria and its environs and is usually hawked by Agoyin and Togolese women. […]

15 easy christmas food ideas

15 Easy Christmas Food Ideas

Christmas season, food, food and even more food. Delicious, seam bursting food!!! So… Are you stumped for food ideas? Are you bored with the same old menu? Are you nervous about cooking for relatives and friends? Do you want to make spectacular food on the cheap? Do you want to impress […]

Gluten-free Mixed Beans salad

Mixed Beans Salad

Mixed Beans salad is a healthy and colourful salad, it is gluten-free and vegetarian. The combination of different kinds of beans gives a great burst of protein and it is filling. Beans salad is a simple side dish you can throw together in a moment especially if you use canned beans. It is beautiful […]

Very comforting and healthy Nigerian Greens and beans

Nigerian greens and beans (green amaranth)

Nigerian greens and beans is a healthy nutrient-dense combination of greens and beans. Green in Nigeria is the green amaranth. The addition of greens to beans makes a delicious and comforting dish that is low in calories but very filling. This dish is easy to cook and the beans can […]