Ngwo ngwo goat offal pepper soup

Ngwo ngwo goat offal pepper soup is a delicacy cooked in the Eastern part of Nigeria. The parts of the goat used are the tripe (stomach locally called towel), intestines, liver, kidney, heart, spleen, testicles and a bit of the flesh. Ngwo ngwo fills me with nostalgia because it always reminds […]

Isi ewu, goat head in spicy sauce

Isi ewu, Goat head in spicy sauce

Isi ewu, goat head in spicy sauce is a delicacy from Igboland of Eastern Nigeria. Similar to Nkwobi (cow foot in spicy sauce) and Homework (goat foot in spicy sauce), it is more flavoursome because of the addition of the fatty brain of the goat. I have eaten so much Isi ewu, […]

Spicy, hot, tender, juicy oven baked jerk chicken

Jamaican oven baked Jerk chicken

Jamaican oven-baked jerk chicken is spicy, hot, mildly sweet, tender, juicy with crispy skin and packed full of flavour. Jerk chicken is traditionally Jamaican, there is also jerk pork, jerk burger, jerk shrimp, jerk cauliflower etc. Authentic Jamaican jerk chicken made in jerk joints use a jerk grill made out […]

Golden delicious steak and kidney pie

Best Steak and kidney pie

Steak and kidney pie is traditionally a British pie with filling that is slow-cooked for a long time to yield a rich gravy with very tender, juicy meat. It is comfort food that truly comforts, in fact, if you are into comfort eating, stay away from steak and kidney pie, […]

Awesome Minced beef Herb Empanada filling

Minced Beef Herb Empanada Filling

Minced beef Herb empanada filling is one of my favourite empanada fillings. It is rich, filling and delectable. What makes it exceptional? It is the Simple Sofrito in it. It totally enriches the taste and makes the filling suitable for so many other uses. The simple sofrito, a staple in […]

Minced beef Empanada filling

Minced Beef Empanada Filling

Minced beef empanada filling is a juicy, delicious, hearty pie filling, similar to the Jamaican beef patty. It is very easy and straightforward to make and is the filling I use the most. This filling can be made even more substantial when you include 

Sweet and salty gizdodo, gizzard and plantain

Gizdodo, Gizzard and fried Plantain

Gizdodo, gizzard + dodo = gizdodo (dodo is fried plantain). The name is simple enough for one to guess the 2 main ingredients, gizzard and plantain. The dish is also simple enough to prepare and cook but when it comes to the taste, you realise where the originator of this […]

Soft, spicy and sticky Peppered Ponmo (cow skin)

Peppered Ponmo, Peppered Cowskin

Peppered Ponmo is a staple ‘small chop’ (hors d’oeuvre)in Nigerian parties and bars. It is soft, hot, spicy and slightly sticky with a sauce that feels like savoury caramel. Delicious in every sense of the word. Normally, you will not serve your guests only Ponmo in their soup or stew, you […]

Special Bushmeat and Vegetable

Bushmeat and Vegetable

In Nigeria, the success of a party is judged by the quantity, variety and availability of food and drink. Variety is a key factor, most especially, variety in meat, fish and other seafood dishes. Sometimes, the variety is so much that they are brought out in phases. This could include […]

Golden and Sturdy Nigerian Cornish Pasty

Nigerian Cornish Pasty

Nigerian Cornish pasty is a wholesome hand pie filled with meat and vegetables. The few times I have bought Cornish Pasty in Nigeria, have been underwhelming. More like a meat pie with a different name, so I now make my own. I love Cornish pasty not just because it’s awesome but […]