Soft and tender cabbage roll

Stuffed Cabbage Roll

Stuffed Cabbage roll is minced beef and rice wrapped in cabbage leaves then cooked in a spicy tomato sauce. It is a very comforting dish and is widely eaten in many parts of the world from Central Europe to The middle and far East. Just like most wraps, the filling […]

savoury bacon and egg muffins with tomato soup

Savoury Bacon and Egg Muffins recipe

Savoury bacon and egg muffins are great and easy to make. They are excellent for breakfast, brunch and snacks for both adults and children. These muffins are very filling, like eating a whole meal or a meal on the go when you are in a hurry. Savoury bacon and egg […]

Crispy and tender easy homemade corn dogs

Easy Homemade Corn dogs recipe

These Easy Homemade Corn dogs when made properly have a crispy crust and a tender inside. They are a lovely breakfast on a stick, think cornbread and hotdogs. It is usually sold as street food or at fairs, but you don’t have to go to the carnival or buy it off the street […]

Tender, nutrient packed chicken feet

Peppered chicken feet (Chicken claws)

Chicken feet, chicken claws are very moreish, you can’t get away with eating only one. Just cook them until tender and you will be sucking and chewing for a long time. It is eaten in different parts of the world from Nigeria, Jamaica, South Africa to China. In Nigeria, it […]

Healthy and flavour packed Mushroom Pepper soup

Mushroom Pepper soup

Mushroom Pepper soup is an aromatic broth with spices and herbs that compliment the earthy mushroom flavour. It tastes so good even meat lovers will definitely find this pepper soup irresistible. There is something sensual and earthy about mushrooms and they are loaded with umami flavour. Mushrooms are low in calories, high […]

Nigerian Snail Pepper Soup

Snail Pepper soup, Nigerian Snail Pepper Soup

Snail Pepper Soup is a luxurious delicacy. It is light, mild-tasting and very soothing for the body especially after overindulging in very rich food and drinks. This pepper soup is not as common as other types of Nigerian pepper soup. In fact, I don’t know or heard of any

Spicy Utazi Pepper dip

Utazi pepper dip (Pepper dip with Bitter herb)

Utazi pepper dip is simply what it is, utazi and pepper. So simple and delicious with meat of any type but especially with chicken, bushmeat and goat meat. The meat can be fried, grilled, plain boiled etc. This dish is ideally served with drinks and eaten with your bare fingers. […]

15 easy christmas food ideas

15 Easy Christmas Food Ideas

Christmas season, food, food and even more food. Delicious, seam bursting food!!! So… Are you stumped for food ideas? Are you bored with the same old menu? Are you nervous about cooking for relatives and friends? Do you want to make spectacular food on the cheap? Do you want to impress […]

peppered mixed meat

Peppered mixed meat, mixed meat in tomato relish

Peppered mixed meat is excellent with drinks when family and friends come together or just as a personal indulgence. Where there is a social gathering of Nigerians, there must be meat and drinks, especially spicy meat. There is no end to the formulations and diversity of spicy meat dishes, Suya, […]

Rich and Aromatic chicken turmeric sauce

Chicken turmeric sauce

Chicken turmeric sauce is rich, warm, and earthy with a great aroma, an exquisite and healthy sauce. It is simple and easy to make. When you want something different from your curry sauce, Nigerian vegetable sauce, tomato gravy etc, make chicken turmeric sauce and your family will be happy you did.