Jamaican Seasoned Rice

Easy Jamaican Seasoned Rice (Caribbean seasoned rice)

Jamaican seasoned rice is an easy-to-make classic dish in Jamaican cuisine. It is flavourful, aromatic, and incredibly delicious. As a simple side dish, it can be paired with various main dishes such as jerk chicken, curry goat, or fried or grilled fish. It’s perfect for family dinners, potlucks, and dinner […]

Rich & Delicious Nigerian dirty rice recipe

Nigerian Dirty Rice Recipe

The Nigerian Dirty Rice recipe is an easy recipe for another rich and delicious Nigerian rice dish. It is a simple dish that packs a load of flavour. It is well-flavoured rice with colourful healthy vegetables. Besides the Nigerian jollof, fried rice, Native jollof etc., other delicious rice dishes are […]

Special smoky party jollof rice

How to cook Smoky Party Jollof Rice for 100 people (Step-by-step)

Jollof rice might be said to be the national dish of Nigeria. Although originating from Senegal, Nigerians have appropriated, transformed, and made it their own. Nigerian jollof rice also called Party jollof rice, or smoky party jollof rice is rich in flavour and is served regularly at parties, restaurants and […]

Nigerian cuisine: 32 Essential Nigerian food ingredients

Nigeria is a country blessed with an abundance of food. From the arid desert in the far north to the savannah in the middle belt and tropical rain forest of the deep south, each region produces a variety of produce and livestock some of which are peculiar to the particular […]

Nigerian Rice and Beans Jollof

Nigerian rice and beans Jollof is basically a combination of rice and beans cooked in a tomato stew. It is nutritionally richer than plain jollof rice because of the addition of beans. Making it is not as straight forward as making Nigerian jollof rice which is a one-pot dish also, […]

Tender, flavourful Banga Jollof Rice.

Banga Jollof Rice

If there is any dish Nigerians are absolutely proud of it is the Jollof rice. There’s a variety of ways to prepare the Nigerian jollof rice also there are different types of jollof rice eg. regular jollof rice, palm oil jollof rice, Egusi jollof rice etc. Banga jollof rice is […]

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Taste of India Food Festival Toronto

Namaste Taste of India food festival Toronto was about the food and the rich culture and traditions of India. India, the second, most populous country in the world has so much diversity in food, language, ethnicity and religion. Indian cuisine especially has a lot of variety and is known for […]

Nigerian coconut jollof rice in a plate with fish and vegetables

Nigerian Coconut Jollof rice

The ubiquitous Jollof rice might safely be called the National dish of Nigeria. It is eaten in every nook and cranny of the country by practically everyone. In fact, if you are looking for a conversation starter with a Nigerian ask them about Jollof rice. There are variations of it, […]

Healthy vegetable rice

Healthy Vegetable Rice

This vegetable rice is a dish I made on the fly. Not wanting to serve my white rice and stew with slaw, I decided to incorporate the slaw in the rice which eliminates