12 Awesome dishes made with leftover rice

12 Awesome dishes made with leftover rice

Whenever I am very busy, I deliberately make more rice than we can eat so that I can use the leftover another day for a totally new dish saving me a lot of time. We eat a lot of rice in my home. If you happen to have cooked rice that […]

Spicy Egusi jollof rice

Egusi Jollof Rice using leftovers

Egusi Jollof rice is a dish I make very often. It is simple, scrumptious, convenient, inviting, quick and easy to make. It is made with leftover rice and Egusi soup. Egusi soup is one of the universal soups we have in Nigeria. There are so many ways to prepare it, […]

Soft and tender cabbage roll

Stuffed Cabbage Roll

Stuffed Cabbage roll is minced beef and rice wrapped in cabbage leaves then cooked in a spicy tomato sauce. It is a very comforting dish and is widely eaten in many parts of the world from Central Europe to The middle and far East. Just like most wraps, the filling […]

Tender Beef and Rice filled Buns

Meat and Rice filled Buns

Meat and rice-filled buns are fried bread buns with ground beef and cooked rice stuffing. It is excellent to-go food and a complete meal. They are tender and very filling. If you have leftover cooked rice in the refrigerator this is a good way to use it up. My teenage […]

Healthy, light and Simple Rice Salad

Simple Rice Salad

Rice salad is a simple salad thrown together with whatever vegetables, proteins, herbs you enjoy eating with your rice. The ingredients are also mostly what you already use for other salads e.g. Nigerian vegetable salad, Sweetcorn salad. It will work with most kinds of rice and also works perfectly with […]

fish curry leaf rice 13 Fish Curry Leaf Rice using leftover rice

Fish Curry Leaf Rice using leftover rice

Fish curry leaf rice is so flavourful and aromatic. It is simple and made with few ingredients, a dish you can throw together in a matter of minutes using leftover rice. The recipe was originally all about the fish. I love eating fish and like to find ways to make […]

Nigerian Tomato Rice recipe using leftover rice & Yaji

Nigerian Tomato Rice recipe using leftover rice

This flavour-packed Nigerian Tomato rice is a simple one-pot dish, quick and easy to make. It adds an awesome variety to your dinner table and rice dishes. It is totally Nigerian with the unique taste of yaji (suya spice) shining through. Unlike the Nigerian Jollof rice, tomato rice is made […]

Rice milk using cooked rice. Golden milk

Rice milk using cooked rice, Golden rice milk

Rice milk can be made from different types of rice, it is mostly bland with a slight sweetness especially when made with white rice. The commercial variety is not commonly available in Nigeria but it is sold in big stores abroad. They offer sweetened, plain or flavoured. It is important […]

Soft and moist Rice Bread using cooked rice

Rice bread, making bread with cooked rice

Cooked rice bread is moist, soft, spongy and slightly sweet, quite similar to Potato bread. It is simple and hassle-free to make although the dough is a little sticky. It is excellent for toast. With the amount of rice eaten in most homes, there is bound to be leftover rice from time to time. Instead of

Vibrant Nigerian green curry rice

Nigerian Green Curry Rice

There are certain dishes you create and even you are amazed at the outcome. This dish is simply delicious and very flavourful. It borrows from Thai Green curry paste but it is definitely Nigerian in its flavours and richness. Whenever I have leftover rice I think of ways to reuse it besides […]