Rich, flavourful and sensuous vegetable coconut rice

Vegetable Coconut Rice

Vegetable coconut rice…I had just made¬†some Pina Colada for myself and had quite a sizeable amount of coconut milk remaining. What to do with it, store it in the freezer long enough to assuage my conscience that I am not wasteful then throw it out or do something productive with […]

golden delicious Nigerian stir fried rice with vegetables

Nigerian stir fried rice

Nigerian fried rice is special whether it is this scrumptious Nigerian stir-fried rice, one-pot fried rice, the other Nigerian fried rice etc, there is hardly any Nigerian party that it does not feature in its menu. It is served on a platter alongside jollof rice, with Moi moi nestled beside […]

fried rice 1 12 Basic Chinese Fried Rice

Basic Chinese Fried Rice

Basic Chinese fried rice is a perfect way to repurpose leftover rice, meat and vegetables. It is fast and easy to throw together and always delightfully yummy. It is not the regular amazing Nigerian fried rice but will stand up to it in both taste and beauty. There are so […]

fried rice 1 6 1 Easy one pot Nigerian fried rice

Easy one pot Nigerian fried rice

Easy one-pot Nigerian fried rice is another Nigerian fried rice recipe. It is quick, easy and has few steps while ensuring the rice doesn’t get overcooked or clump together. It is delightfully appetizing and you can reduce the amount of oil that goes in without much harm done to the […]

fried rice 1 6 Nigerian fried rice recipe

Nigerian fried rice recipe

This is a simple, basic Nigerian fried rice recipe. There are so many ways of creating this delectable dish that is so commonly eaten all over the world. It almost always partners the Nigerian jollof rice in Nigerian parties, at fast-food restaurants etc. like a fraternal twin with the attendant […]

Flavour infused Jamaican rice and peas

Jamaican rice and peas

Jamaican Rice and peas is a common accompaniment in Caribbean cuisine. In fact, Sunday lunch has to have rice and peas as a part of it and it is no ordinary rice and peas. The Jamaican rice and peas is well infused with flavours but mellow enough not to overpower […]

Flavourful, aromatic and scrumptious Nigerian Coconut Rice

Nigerian Coconut Rice

When one thinks of the tropics, it’s always the sun, blue skies and coconut. I just love coconuts, I love coconuts in curry, chocolates, rice, pigeon peas (fiofio) etc. The fresh aroma of coconut in the Nigerian coconut rice fills your kitchen, as it adds richness and flavour to your […]

Rich Nigerian palm oil jollof rice

Nigerian Palm oil jollof rice

Nigerian palm oil jollof rice is a variant of the Nigerian Jollof rice. The main difference being that palm oil is used rather than vegetable oil. Just like the Palm oil Stew, local spices are also used. Nigerian Palm oil jollof rice is not usually served at parties, which is […]

jollof rice, nigerian jollof rice, rice in a bowl

Jollof rice, Nigerian Jollof Rice

“If anyone says you eat too much Jollof rice, cut them from your life, you don’t need that kind of negativity” ¬†Anonymous (meme). Nigerians are that passionate about Jollof rice. It is the make or break of every Nigerian social gathering, the ever-present dish. Nigerian jollof rice is rice cooked […]