Stews/ Sauces/ dips

Delicious Authentic Atama with waterleaf

How to Prepare Atama Soup with Waterleaf

Atama leaf is aromatic, even floral and it is delicious in soups. There are different ways to cook with Atama leaf, in this post I used it to prepare a vegetable soup paired with waterleaf. It is similar to the way Afang soup is cooked. Atama leaf can be added […]

Fresh Nigeria Catfish Stew

Nigerian Catfish stew

Nigerian Catfish stew is a simple Nigerian tomato stew made with catfish. It is delicious with the catfish giving it its distinctive rich flavour. Fresh catfish straight from the river is best for making this stew but frozen can also be used. Catfish is a freshwater fish and is so-called […]

Special smoky party jollof rice

How to cook Smoky Party Jollof Rice for 100 people (Step-by-step)

Jollof rice might be said to be the national dish of Nigeria. Although originating from Senegal, Nigerians have appropriated, transformed, and made it their own. Nigerian jollof rice also called Party jollof rice, or smoky party jollof rice is rich in flavour and is served regularly at parties, restaurants and […]

Best Awara Pepper soup, Tofu Soup

Awara Pepper soup, Tofu Soup

Awara Pepper soup, Tofu Soup is a delicious spicy light soup made with herbs and spices. Nigerians love pepper soup and can make pepper soup out of any protein once pepper soup herbs and spices are available. My family is totally in love with pepper soup and we serve it […]

Nigerian cuisine: 32 Essential Nigerian food ingredients

Nigeria is a country blessed with an abundance of food. From the arid desert in the far north to the savannah in the middle belt and tropical rain forest of the deep south, each region produces a variety of produce and livestock some of which are peculiar to the particular […]

Egusi soup, Onugbu soup, Ora (oha) soup, igbo soups

13 Easy Igbo Soups

Igbo soups are rich, nutritious, wholesome, hearty, and very delicious. The Igbo tribe (Ndi Igbo) is concentrated in the southeastern region of Nigeria. They live in the rainforest region of the country and are very industrious and resourceful. Although many are highly educated in different professions, they are mainly known […]

Delicious Nkwobi (cowleg) in a plate with red onions and utazi

Nkwobi recipe

Nkwobi is cow leg mixed in a spicy palm oil sauce. Cow leg Nkwobi is the most popular type of Nkwobi, it is a delicacy from Igboland of Eastern Nigeria. It grew from a beer parlour (pub) favourite to a classy restaurant staple and with my simple recipe, you can […]

Easy Jamaican Cowfoot Soup

Cowfoot Soup is a wholesome, comforting soup loved by Jamaicans and the Caribbean in general. They say it is good for a hangover and some believe it is an aphrodisiac, even the Zimbabweans agree too. Eating feet is common

Easy Jamaican brown stew chicken

Easy Jamaican Brown Stew Chicken

Jamaican brown stew chicken is a classic Jamaican stew that is also found in some Caribbean countries. The chicken is tender with a rich, flavourful gravy and it has many layers and depth of flavour. As with most traditional dishes, there is always some kind of variation, each family having […]