Stews/ Sauces/ dips

Sweet Tomato Paste Stew with fried fish

Tomato Paste Stew (Tomato Puree or Tinned Tomato)

Tomato paste stew is such a blessing to anyone who has to make a pot of tomato stew in a jiffy. It is easy, simple, quick to make and tastes delicious. Tomato paste is simply tomatoes whose seeds and skin have been removed. They are then cooked to a thick […]

Rich and Comforting Simple Curry Sauce

Simple Curry Sauce using curry powder

Simple curry sauce might be the simplest and easiest curry sauce you have ever made. This is my go-to curry sauce when I am very busy or tired, yet my children love it so much. It is just perfect for a busy Mom or mid-week dinner. It has few ingredients […]

Spicy Utazi Pepper dip

Utazi pepper dip (Pepper dip with Bitter herb)

Utazi pepper dip is simply what it is, utazi and pepper. So simple and delicious with meat of any type but especially with chicken, bushmeat and goat meat. The meat can be fried, grilled, plain boiled etc. This dish is ideally served with drinks and eaten with your bare fingers. […]

Creamy and decadent chocolate peanut butter

Chocolate Peanut Butter Spread

Chocolate Peanut Butter Spread is a rich, creamy spread, you will be tempted to eat it by the spoonful. When you mix yummy with luscious you get chocolate peanut butter spread. Having been used to the preservative-laden hazelnut-chocolate spread sold in shops, I decided to make my own spread but […]

Authentic and delicious ewa agoyin

Ewa Agoyin and Agoyin Stew

Ewa Agoyin or Agoyin beans is a delicacy of the Agoyin people from the Republic of Benin. It is a combination of very soft mashed up beans and a spicy pepper sauce. Ewa Agoyin is very popular in Lagos, Nigeria and its environs and is usually hawked by Agoyin and Togolese women. […]

Hot and spicy red ofada stew

Ofada stew, Red Pepper Ofada Stew

Ofada stew can easily become your favourite stew. It is hot, hot, spicy-hot and a little sweet if done right. It fills your house with the sweet smell of hope…hope that something delicious is cooking. Ofada stew is usually served with Ofada rice at parties wrapped in banana or Uma leaves. […]

15 easy christmas food ideas

15 Easy Christmas Food Ideas

Christmas season, food, food and even more food. Delicious, seam bursting food!!! So… Are you stumped for food ideas? Are you bored with the same old menu? Are you nervous about cooking for relatives and friends? Do you want to make spectacular food on the cheap? Do you want to impress […]

peppered mixed meat

Peppered mixed meat, mixed meat in tomato relish

Peppered mixed meat is excellent with drinks when family and friends come together or just as a personal indulgence. Where there is a social gathering of Nigerians, there must be meat and drinks, especially spicy meat. There is no end to the formulations and diversity of spicy meat dishes, Suya, […]

Rich tomato gravy

Rich Tomato gravy

Tomato gravy is a rich roux-based sauce, full of flavour and satisfying. It was a staple in my home, I served it at least once a week with twice-cooked potatoes, grilled potatoes, rice or pasta. My son no.1 called asking about my tomato sauce, the curry sauce and the other sauce, […]

Spicy and sticky sweet chilli pepper sauce

Sweet chilli pepper sauce

Sweet chilli pepper sauce is sweet, spicy, and sticky. It tastes so good you will want to put it on everything. This sweet chilli sauce is a Thai sweet chilli sauce and it is cheap, unbelievably easy and incredibly quick to make with ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Six minutes from the […]