okazi salad (Afang salad)

Okazi salad (Afang Salad) is another delicacy from eastern Nigeria, it is usually served as a side or drinks accompaniment but never a complete meal. It is a salad made with finely shredded raw okazi (Afang) and shards of stockfish tossed in a spicy creamy dressing.

The preparation is similar to abacha ncha (African salad) and ugba salad . This dish will add valuable fibre to your diet. It actually eases the digestive tract and helps get things moving.

To make okazi salad

Okazi (Afang)
ugba (oil bean seed)
palm oil
potash water (akanwu)
toasted ehuru
uziza seed
toasted dry chili or scotch bonnet (fresh pepper)
seasoning cube


*Potash water made up of 1 tablespoon potash powder to 4 tablespoons water. Mix and leave to settle a bit before use.


Wash and boil stockfish till soft, break up into bite sized bits with your hands.


Wrap ugba tightly in foil, place the foil parcel in a plastic bag and tie securely or put into a zipper bag. Place this parcel in a small pot with about half an inch of water. Place over high heat and boil for 5 minutes, until heated through. This is to sanitize it. Spread out on a tray to cool down a bit.

ugba-wrapped-1 ugba-1

Rinse okazi and squeeze out as much water as you can.


Grind toasted ehuru and uziza, grind scotch bonnet and slice onions, set aside.

In a bowl, pour in palm oil, add the potash water and using a wooden spoon, stir till colour changes to a light golden yellow and is uniform. If it keeps cracking, add another 1/2 tablespoon potash water and stir very well.


Add pepper, ehuru, uziza and seasoning cube, stir very well to blend with the palm oil mix. Add ugba and stir very well to coat it uniformly.


Add shredded stockfish and okazi, mix very well, garnish with sliced onions and serve.


It is mostly served with Palm wine but any drink will do.

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