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Foil baked fish with vegetables

Easy, moist, healthy and flavourful Foil baked fish with vegetables

Recipes, Seafood | April 14, 2017 | By

Foil baked fish with vegetables is a pretty, healthy, flavourful and easy dish to prepare.  It conserves the nutrients in the fish and vegetables, nothing leaches out, everything is intact in that parcel. Since the fish and vegetables are cooked together, they stew in a mix of their seasoned juices, so you have the fish


Nigerian fish pie

Delicious and mellow Nigerian fish pie

The Nigerian fish pie is not as common as the meat pie or chicken pie, but if you are a fish lover, this hand pie is for you and if you are not a lover of fish, give it a try you will be pleasantly surprised at how good and mellow it tastes. It is loaded with fish and vegetables, so it is filling and healthy, a complete meal on the go. The Nigerian fish pie is different from the Fish roll which is a fried roll.

Mackerel is the fish of choice but any good tasting fish will do even canned fish like canned tuna, sardines etc. Do not use fish that has its flesh riddled with tiny bones. It will be very challenging getting


Catfish baked in pepper sauce (Point and kill)

Easy Catfish baked in pepper sauce (Point and kill)

Recipes, Seafood | March 20, 2017 | By

To the uninformed Point and kill sounds like an order from the army, police or at best, game hunters. Never will they guess it has anything to do with fish. In all honesty, point and kill sound violent but that is the name Nigerians have lovingly given to popular pub or restaurant dishes of fresh catfish.

It simply means you


Nigerian smoked fish sauce

Simple, easy and delicious Nigerian smoked fish sauce

This smoked fish sauce is a very simple and easy sauce to make and can be eaten with a variety of things. This sauce is an excellent way to incorporate more fish with all its wonderful nutrients into our diet. 

I use smoked mackerel to prepare the sauce. The humble mackerel is such a versatile fish which can be used in so many different ways to produce beautiful dishes that will wow your family and friends.


Nigerian dry fish pepper soup

dry fish pepper soup, nigerian dry fish pepper soup

Seafood, Soups/ light soups | December 3, 2016 | By

Nigerian dry fish pepper soup is a spicy light Nigerian soup. The drying of the fish concentrates the flavour and gives the resultant broth a rich fish flavour which blends with the spices to produce ladles full of soul satisfying pleasure. It is a welcoming dish for guests especially during festive periods like Christmas etc

Nigerian pepper soup is generally prepared using different cuts and types of meat and fish. Very popular in homes, restaurants, road side bukas or hotels. Hardly any part of the meat or fish is spared from the pepper soup pot, though most times different animals might require different spices to compliment their taste. My Renaissance Man


Advent Foodie Calendar

christmas stockings

Merry Christmas

 may God fill your heart with His Love. 

christmas stockings



We are officially in the season of advent, which is the four weeks leading to Christmas day. During this period, Christians prepare for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, and also reflect on and anticipate His second coming.

Part of this preparation involves keeping an advent calendar, which starts on the first day of December. Each day on the calendar, has a window which opens to unveil a favour of some sort.

The Pretend Chef Advent foodie Calendar will each day, feature recipes in celebration of Advent. These are dishes that you can incorporate into your Celebration menu for Christmas lunch/dinner or party, wedding parties, cocktails, end-of-year parties, house guest entertainments etc.

Wishing you and yours the best life has to offer, this Christmas season and into the New year—The Pretend Chef.



How to wash Dry fish

How-tos, Seafood, Tips/How-tos | November 11, 2016 | By

Dry fish is an important ingredient in Nigerian cuisine. Fish is smoked till it dries, during the smoking process, the fish oils are released which stay on the fish skin, this attracts dust and sand. Sometimes bugs go into the flesh. To wash dry fish properly before consumption is very necessary.


About Nigerian Dry fish

Seafood, Tips, Tips/How-tos | November 11, 2016 | By

The Nigerian dry fish is fish that has been slowly smoked over a period of time till it is dehydrated and dry. Different species of fish are dried and sold, some tastier than others. Both large and small sized fish are dried for consumption. Some are cut into pieces before drying, others are dried whole, sometimes folded or bent and held together with a string or stick for ease of storage.


Nigerian Seafood Chowder

I was grocery shopping the other day and saw packs of seafood mix for chowder so I thought, it’s high time Nigeria officially got its own chowder. There are so many different types of chowder, New england, Manhattan, Bermuda chowder etc. 

The Nigerian seafood chowder is light, mildly spicy and creamy, very comforting. The beauty of this chowder lies in the cohesive blend of the clean taste of the fresh seafood. It is not masked by lots of herbs and spices. 


Nigerian Crispy fried whitebait fish (Yor-yor)

Crunchy, salty and spicy Nigerian crispy fried whitebait fish

Desserts/ finger food, Recipes, Seafood | September 7, 2016 | By

Nigerian crispy fried whitebait fish are sold as street food in coastal towns in Nigeria. They are usually crunchy, salty and spicy. They are fried and eaten whole, head, bones and guts and just like eating french fries, you keep popping one after another into your mouth. Yor-yor is really, really, truly irresistible. It is called yor-yor in some places.


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