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Healthy mixed green vegetable dip

Super healthy mixed green vegetable dip

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Green vegetable dip is an age-old dip from the hinterlands of Eastern Nigeria. It was quite a staple when people ate whatever they could get from their farms. Sometimes, quick meals were a necessity in the daytime for the farmers pending the main meal of the day which is a supper of cassava fufu and soup. Mixed green vegetable dip is one such quick meal.

I learnt it from an in-law who learnt it from his mother, an excellent cook who was very minimalistic in her cooking and use of ingredients. They always turned out delicious and super healthy.

Super healthy mixed green vegetable dip

Mixed green vegetable dip is wholesome food and very delicious, a perfect accompaniment for most carbohydrates especially boiled or roasted yam. Diabetics can load up on this dip, it is excellent for vegetarians and is gluten-free.

Green amaranth leaf is simply called green in Nigeria. Click to discover the 18 amazing health benefits of green amaranth leaves.

To make Healthy mixed green vegetable dip

1 small bunch Green (Green amaranth) 
Kerenkere leaves*
4 leaves Utazi
4 pieces Okro
Scent leaf (optional)
2 pieces scotch bonnet
1/4 cup palm oil (1 cooking spoon)
1 small onion
*Kerenkere should be about 1/3 of the Green

vegetables in a tray for green vegetable dip

Pick Green, kerenkere, scent leaf and utazi, wash and cut.

Wash and roughly chop okro and onions into chunks.

Place leafy vegetables and okro into a pot, add salt and a little water.

Place over medium heat and cook until vegetables are cooked and soft.

Put vegetables into a mortar and pound until you get a good puree. You can use a food processor too, set aside.

Puree of green vegetable dip

Place palm oil in a pot, when warmed through add onions and pepper, stir and take off the heat.

onions and pepper frying in palm oil

Add the vegetable puree and a little salt, stir well and taste.

green vegetable dip in a pot

Your fantastic though simple dip is ready.

Serve with any carbohydrate of your choice. Here I served mine with boiled plantains and yams.

Super healthy mixed green vegetable dip


  • The oil should just be warmed through to melt not piping hot.
  • Using a blender might not work if you have to add water to blend.


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Super healthy mixed green vegetable dip

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