moist, tender, flavourful moist carrot cake

Moist Carrot Cake

The sight of fresh carrots always makes me want to buy them. There is something attractive and appealing about the orange and green combo that spells healthy. This translates to whatever I use carrots for, like when I make my moist carrot cake, I feel It’s healthy, a vegetable cake after all. Well, that is how I console myself on the rare occasion I overindulge on carrot cake. Same goes with coleslaw, carrot orange juice, beetroot slaw etc.

This moist carrot cake is sweet, soft, moist, dense, mildly citrusy and flavourful, a true crowd pleaser. It is easy and straightforward to make.

fresh carrots for carrot cake

The only hard work is in grating the carrots. Use a food processor if you have one available, then making carrot cake becomes a breeze. You can also use store bought already grated carrots, though it’s not the best because they tend to be dry and won’t add moisture to your cake.

moist, tender, flavourful moist carrot cake


To make moist carrot cake

3/4 cup vegetable oil
3 eggs
1 cup brown sugar, packed
1 1/2 cups grated carrots
2 tablespoons zest of orange
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1 1/2 cups flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon mixed spice


Wash, scrape and grate the carrots. set aside.

carrot grated using a food processor for moist carrot cake   grater used to grate carrot for moist carrot cake

Preheat the oven to 180°C, brush a 9-inch round cake pan with butter or oil and lightly sprinkle with flour.

In a large bowl, mix together oil, eggs, brown sugar, grated carrots, grated zest (skin) of orange, making sure the white part does not enter, and vanilla essence until well combined.

mix of wet ingredients for moist carrot cake

In another bowl, sift together, flour, salt, baking powder, baking soda, and spice, mix well.

mix of dry ingredients for moist carrot cake

Pour the flour mixture into the carrot mixture and using a balloon whisk, spatula or wooden spoon stir till well combined.

batter of moist carrot cake

Spoon the batter into prepared pan, smoothen the surface.

moist carrot cake batter in a pan

Bake for 40 to 45 minutes, until a skewer inserted into the centre, comes out clean, touch the skewer to be sure it is dry or when the top of the cake is pressed, it bounces back.

moist carrot cake in a cake pan, looking delish

Leave to cool for 15 minutes in the pan then remove and transfer to a wire rack and cool completely.

soft, moist, dense and flavourful moist carrot cake


Do not grate the carrots too large. The smaller it is the better for it to be suspended in the batter to moisten it. There will also be no chance of chunky, crunchy bits of carrot.


Some mix-ins to carrot cake include Raisins, pineapple cubes, coconut, nuts and applesauce. Too much of these will ruin the integrity of your carrot cake, so use sparingly.


Carrot cakes are delicious as is but can be enhanced with a lemon glaze or cream cheese frosting, white icing, fondant etc. You can add nuts, raisins, crushed pineapples or desiccated coconut into the frosting, only if the cake doesn’t have mix-ins.


The cake can be wrapped tightly in plastic wrap or aluminium foil, and kept at room temperature for 1 to 2 days, in the refrigerator, for 1 week, in the freezer, for 4 to 6 months.


Let me know how much you enjoyed this carrot cake, also try my exquisite chocolate cake, Moist fruit cake, Healthy beetroot cake or Red velvet cake.

Do you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please leave a comment below.

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  3. Surprisingly easy.

  4. Will try this out, I know is going to be good, sweet and healthy.

  5. Will try this out. It is going to be delicious and healthy.

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