Pretty, sweet, crunchy, earthy, beetroot coleslaw

Beetroot Coleslaw

In this Beetroot coleslaw, the trio of cabbage, carrot, and beetroot is health food supercharged. Beetroots have surely joined the list of superfoods. They are sweet, earthy and crunchy.  My vegan and health food chefs, this is a toast to you. It is pretty to behold and tastes as pretty as it looks. Imagine having this platter on your dinner table.

Mix your slaw and put in the refrigerator to chill, if you are making your slaw hours ahead of serving, do not add the shredded beetroot right away. Mix it in just before serving. If left for too long, the beetroot will colour the other ingredients. This is not a bad thing, but the whole tricolour effect will be greatly diminished and this tri-colour is part of the beauty.

Pretty, sweet, crunchy, earthy, beetroot coleslaw

Always chill before serving. Beetroots are also good in cakes and drinks.


  • Shredded apple
  • Chopped cucumber
  • Dry fruits or nuts e.g raisins, peanuts, walnuts, pistachio nuts and sesame seeds (Beni seed, Ridi).

I have included the recipe for a very simple dressing that ties the vegetables together.


To make beetroot coleslaw:

1 cup grated beetroot
1 cup grated carrot 
1 cup thinly sliced cabbage 
1 small spring onions or (2 tablespoons finely chopped yellow or white onions)


To make dressing for beetroot slaw:

1 tablespoon honey
1/8 teaspoon ginger powder
pinch of chilli pepper

Wash and peel beetroot and carrot.

peeled beetroot for beetroot coleslaw  carrots for beetroot coleslaw

Grate beetroot and carrot with a grater or a food processor.

shredded beetroot and carrot for beetroot coleslaw

Wash and slice cabbage.

sliced cabbage for beetroot coleslaw

Finely chop spring onions, yellow or white onions.

prepared ingredients for beetroot coleslaw

Mix vegetables in a bowl, reserving the green part of the spring onions.

Pretty, sweet, crunchy, earthy, beetroot coleslaw

Set aside the beetroot coleslaw in the refrigerator.

In a small bowl, mix together, honey, ginger and chilli pepper.

Honey dressing for beetroot coleslaw

Pour over the beetroot coleslaw and toss well. Put in a platter and sprinkle with the greens of spring onions, nuts or dry fruit.

  Pretty, sweet, crunchy, earthy, beetroot coleslaw


  • Always chill beetroot coleslaw before serving. It tastes much better.

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