Delightful nigerian snack, ojojo water yam fritters

OJOJO Water yam fritters

Ojojo water yam fritters, one of the most creative uses of water yam as far as I am concerned. The only warning I will give you is that you will so gorge yourself up on this delightful Nigerian snack, you will feel sick, my sister will attest to that.

Ojojo is a gift from the Yoruba speaking part of Nigeria to the rest of the Country and just like Akara, it can be served with Pap (Corn paste or cornflour) or custard.

Delightful nigerian snack, ojojo water yam fritters


When grating your water yam use the side of the grater with the tiniest holes because you are not looking for shreds but a pureed texture which will hold together like a batter.

You will be surprised at how fast and easy the grating goes, even for me who doesn’t like manual grating, this is as a result of the texture of water yam. I hate having to grate anything because I used to get my knuckles all bruised grating coconut for coconut candy when I was a kid, by the way, one of the few things I loved growing up.

To make Ojojo water yam fritters:

650g water yam
1 teaspoon chili
2 scotch bonnet, chopped (fresh pepper)
1/4 chopped onions (1 medium)
1 seasoning cube

Optional ingredients

1 teaspoon crushed garlic (1/2 teaspoon garlic powder)


Cut, peel and wash the water yam.

Using the side of the grater with the smallest grating holes, grate the water yam or use a food processor if you own one.

The consistency of the grated water yam should be thick, slimy and very gluey or mucilaginous. If it looks shredded, you didn’t do it right and must have used the wrong side of the grater.

Transfer grated water yam to a large bowl, add chilli, chopped scotch bonnet, onion, seasoning cube and salt.

ingredients for ojojo water yam fritters

Add crayfish and garlic (if using, but honestly I do not use or like them in Ojojo).

ojojo water yam fritters batter

Place your pan of oil on a medium-high flame, when hot enough about 170°C, using the tips of your finger or a small spoon, drop balls of the batter into the oil.

Do not overcrowd.

They will drop and float up to the top immediately.

Fry until golden brown and drain on a plate lined with paper towels.

The light as air Ojojo can be served with a hot pepper sauce, pap, custard, chocolate syrup or a refreshing drink like mango lassi or zobo.


  • Mix thoroughly but do not overmix in order to maintain a textured consistency.
  • Overmixing can also reduce the thickness of the batter.
  • Overcrowding the Ojojo water yam fritters drops the temperature of the oil thereby making it soak up oil.

If you enjoyed my Ojojo water yam fritters, you will also enjoy my Puff puff, Yamarita (Battered yam), Hush puppies and Plantain mosa.

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