Boiled yam coated in flour, dipped in egg and fried, Yamarita has taken plain ol’ boiled yam, dressed it up and made it all fancy.

The beautiful thing about yamarita is, you can re-purpose leftover boiled yam and turn it into a brand new awesome dish, just like the Chinese fried rice where leftover boiled rice can be used.

The yam can either be sliced into rectangles and boiled or you boil a thick slice of yam, then slice into rectangles. I prefer the latter because the yam when boiled then sliced have a rougher surface from the cutting which enables them pick up more of the coating and crisp up when fried.



Yamarita can be eaten as a snack with a spicy dip like the Green pepper sauce, ketchup and spicy mayonnaise or as a meal with tomato stew, egg stew, mackerel in tomato sauce and vegetable stew.

Other spin-offs are coating leftover boiled sweet potato and irish potato, I wonder if they will be called pota-rita, bright idea right?…any suggestions?

To make Yamarita:

700g yam (1 1/2 inch thick slices)
4 eggs
1 cup flour
dry chili pepper
1 stock cube
vegetable oil for deep frying

Cut yam into thick (1 1/2 inch) slices, peel and wash. Place yam slices in a pot, pour in enough water to cover it very well and add 1/2 teaspoon of salt.

Set over high heat to boil till yam is soft enough for a fork inserted through the middle, to pass through, but it should still be firm.

Pour into a sieve to drain. Set yam aside to cool, it is easier to handle and will not get mushy. The slices will also hang on to more of the coating.


You can also cut into rectangles before boiling.


Meanwhile, place flour in a bowl, add 1 teaspoon salt and dry chili pepper, mix to combine.

Crack eggs into another bowl, add a little salt and beat very well.

Place a frying pan of vegetable oil over medium high heat.

Slice the cooled yam into rectangles. (The size of which depends on your preference, use and presentation, but usually about 1″ by 3″).


When oil is hot, dip each slice of yam into the egg, drain off excess then roll it in the flour to coat it well, shake off the excess and put back into the egg.


Place in the hot oil and fry till golden brown. Do not overcrowd the oil so the Yamarita does not soak up too much oil.


Drain on a plate lined with paper napkins.


Serve and enjoy your Yamarita with a mocktail.

*For a lighter coating: Coat yam slice in seasoned flour, then into the egg and fry.


You will also enjoy my Asaro (mashed Yam porridge), Plantain porridge, Twice cooked Potatoes and Roasted Sweet Potato.

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