Sweet, earthy and Healthy beetroot juice mocktail

Beetroot Juice Mocktail

This healthy beetroot juice mocktail is beautiful to behold and delightful to drink. A lot of people are downing beetroot juice these days by the mug load. This is because beetroot is regarded by some health experts as a superfood (nutrient-rich food).  It reduces blood pressure, is high in immune-boosting vitamin C etc. and cooking decreases these nutrients. My son no. 3 can’t get enough of it, so even kids love it.

It looks so much like the zobo drink (sorrel). 

Sweet, earthy and Healthy beetroot juice mocktail

For such an awesome drink, Beetroot juice mocktail is so quick and easy to make. Beetroot pairs beautifully with oranges, so you can use fresh orange juice in place of lemon juice. The honey can be replaced with sugar or any sweetener.

To make Healthy Beetroot juice mocktail

3/4 cup fresh lemon juice
2/3 cup sugar
1/4 cup raw, unpeeled, finely grated beetroot
6 cups water

Wash Beetroot very well. No need to peel it.

unpeeled beetroot for Healthy beetroot juice mocktail

Grate with a grater or food processor.

Squeeze lemons into a cup.

Put grated beets, lemon juice, sugar and 1 (one) cup of water in a blender and blend.

ingredients for Healthy beetroot juice mocktail

Beetroot will never be fully smooth. Use a fine strainer to strain into a jug.

Straining of beetroot juice for Healthy beetroot juice mocktail

Add 5 cups of water, stir and taste for sugar. Chill and serve.

Enjoy with Healthy beetroot cake or The cooked Beetroot cake. Try the Beetroot coleslaw too.


  • A note of warning though, beetroot juice can turn your ‘bathroom business’ red. So don’t freak out if this happens. It is perfectly normal and no harm is done. Once it clears out of your system, they will be back to their usual colour.


Sweet, earthy and Healthy beetroot juice mocktail

Leave a comment below and let us know how much you enjoyed this healthy beetroot juice mocktail. Do you have any suggestions or questions?

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