Stews/ Sauces/ dips

Easy Nigerian vegetable sauce, simple and flavoursome, looking pretty in a black bowl

Easy Nigerian Vegetable Sauce, Nigerian Sauce

Easy Nigerian Vegetable Sauce might be the simplest and easiest sauce you have come across. I get the feeling that the original recipe developer prepared this easy Nigerian vegetable sauce as a way to utilise leftover Nigerian salad ingredients. The similarity is just too striking. In fact, it is sometimes […]

Best ever Beef liver sauce

Beef liver sauce recipe

This Beef liver sauce is one of my family’s favourites, my children can eat it with practically everything, even on toast. It is easy and quick to make and the ingredients are pantry staples. It can be served as an accompaniment to rice, beans, toast, savoury french toast, potatoes, twice-cooked potatoes, […]

Spicy roasted green pepper sauce

Spicy roasted green pepper sauce

Spicy roasted green pepper sauce is a combination of peppers, mostly green, each bringing its peculiar flavour to the pepper mix. It is a simple piquant sauce. The roasting really sweetens and intensifies the flavour of the peppers. This Spicy roasted green pepper sauce recipe was made in commemoration of the […]

Rich flavoured Homemade Peanut Butter sandwich

Homemade Peanut butter

Homemade Peanut butter is rich and wholesome, a healthy source of fat in our diet. It is high in protein which makes it a good energy booster. As a kid, I loved peanut butter on bread, on bananas and just eating it straight from the jar. Peanut is technically a […]

cashew butter 1 5 Homemade Cashew butter

Homemade Cashew butter

Homemade Cashew butter is unbelievably rich, smooth and creamy. Packed with nutrients, it is an excellent substitute for real butter and a concentrated form of food energy. I was recently introduced to cashew butter and I fell in love with it immediately. Eating it with rice crackers or just scooping […]

apple sauce 1 3 Easy Homemade Applesauce

Easy Homemade Applesauce

Smooth or chunky, applesauce is one guilt-free dessert you can eat to your heart’s content. The rate at which my younger children power through my homemade applesauce, I can barely keep up. They eat it straight up even from the pot, freeze it and eat, use it on french toast, use […]

Fresh Tomato Salsa

Fresh tomato salsa

Fresh tomato salsa has a clean and fresh taste and this recipe is simple, quick and easy to make. Since it is made from a few raw ingredients, the quality and freshness of these ingredients will determine the taste of the salsa. Try and use sweet tomatoes that are not very juicy […]

Spicy smooth peanut butter, ose oji

Ose Oji (Spicy peanut butter)

Ose Oji, spicy peanut butter also called Okw’ose in the Igbo tradition, is a spicy smooth blend of peanuts. It is served as a dip for kolanut, oji and garden egg, anala/afufa, to visitors to the home or during ceremonies. Ose oji can be bought already made from the open market, but […]

palm nut stew 1 5 Palm nut Stew, Stew Akwu

Palm nut Stew, Stew Akwu

Palm nut stew, stew akwu is an amazing combination of two delicious sauces. If you have variously eaten well made Nigerian tomato stew and Palm nut soup (ofe akwu, banga soup), you already know each is great on their own. When they are combined, they marry so well like they […]

Ofe akwu with herbs and rice

Ofe Akwu, Palm nut soup, Banga soup

Ofe akwu is made from palm nut extract. Palm nut soup is very popular in many countries where the palm nut tree grows, in the southeast and south-south/delta regions of Nigeria, it is ingrained in their cuisine. Variously called ofe akwu, palm nut soup, banga soup, abak atama, obe eyin […]