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Soft, healthy, vibrant and delicious Okpa
Porridge/Pudding, Recipes


Okpa is the Igbo word for Bambara groundnut, in Hausa language, it is Gurjiya or kwaruru. Okpa is also the name of a boiled pudding made from this nut. It is a street food very common in the eastern part of Nigeria, though other metropolitan cities are catching up very fast. […]

Desserts/ finger food, Potato/Plantain, Recipes

Sweet potato muffins

Sweet potato muffins are moist, tender and flavourful you can taste the earthy flavour of sweet potato. The recipe is very easy, simple and straightforward. I love when I can incorporate vegetables into desserts eg. carrot cake and beetroot cake because it kind of dulls the guilt of eating too much of a good […]

Excitingly spicy asun spicy goat meat
Meat, Desserts/ finger food, Recipes

Asun spicy goat meat

ASUN spicy goat meat Asun spicy goat meat is roasted goat meat with the skin intact, sauteed in onions and pepper, plenty of onions and hot pepper. It is a delicacy from the western part of Nigeria commonly served at parties as finger food (small chop, petit four). For parties, the goat […]