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Sweet and Creamy Jamaican Grater Cake
Desserts/ finger food, World food

Jamaican Grater Cake

Jamaican Grater Cake is not a cake rather it is a candy. Simply made with coconut, sugar and flavouring, very basic ingredients. It is sweet, rich and creamy all at the same time. Very straight forward and simple to make. By the way, it is called Grater cake because the

Soft and tender cabbage roll
Meat, Rice, Stews/ Sauces/ dips

Stuffed Cabbage Roll

Stuffed Cabbage roll is minced beef and rice wrapped in cabbage leaves then cooked in a spicy tomato sauce. It is a very comforting dish and is widely eaten in many parts of the world from Central Europe to The middle and far East. Just like most wraps, the filling […]

Tender Beef and Rice filled Buns
Desserts/ finger food, Rice

Meat and Rice filled Buns

Meat and rice filled buns are fried bread buns with ground beef and cooked rice stuffing. It is excellent to-go food and a complete meal. They are tender and very filling. If you have leftover cooked rice in the refrigerator this is a good way to use it up. My teenage […]

Healthy, light and Simple Rice Salad
Rice, Salads

Simple Rice Salad

Rice salad is a simple salad thrown together with whatever vegetables, proteins, herbs you enjoy eating with your rice. The ingredients are also mostly what you already use for other salads e.g. Nigerian vegetable salad, Sweetcorn salad. It will work with most kinds of rice and also works perfectly with […]