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Tender, nutrient packed chicken feet

Peppered chicken feet (Chicken claws)

Chicken feet, chicken claws are very moreish, you can’t get away with eating only one. Just cook them until tender and you will be sucking and chewing for a long time. It is eaten in different parts of the world from Nigeria, Jamaica, South Africa to China. In Nigeria, it […]

Spicy and tangy Jamaican escovitch fish
Seafood, Stews/ Sauces/ dips

Jamaican Escovitch Fish

Jamaican Escovitch Fish is spicy and tangy with a sweet undernote. It is fried fish marinated in a pickling sauce and is very easy and straightforward to make. Now it is no secret that I love Jamaican food and I equally love fish so this dish is one that warms my […]

Fluffy and wholesome mushroom omelette

Mushroom Omelette without cheese

This mushroom omelette is fluffy, super healthy and can be thrown together quick and easy. It is lovely as a wholesome breakfast or light dinner with few calories. Mushrooms are the new superfood and are packed with flavour enhancers. They are healthy because of the nutrients they contain, proteins, vitamins, fibre […]

Healthy and flavour packed Mushroom Pepper soup
Meat, vegetarian

Mushroom Pepper soup

Mushroom Pepper soup is an aromatic broth with spices and herbs that compliment the earthy mushroom flavour. It tastes so good even meat lovers will definitely find this pepper soup irresistible. There is something sensual and earthy about mushrooms and they are loaded with umami flavour. Mushrooms are low in calorie, high […]

St. Lawrence market
Food Trek, My stories

St. Lawrence Market Toronto

St. Lawrence market Toronto, is located on Front street east, Toronto Canada. It is over 200 years old (1803) and was ranked as the world’s best food market by National Geographic in its book “Food Journies Of A Lifetime”. It is made up of three main buildings: The South Market, the North Market […]

Healthy, delicious, Ighu (Abacha).
Salads, yam/ Cocoyam/Cassava

Ighu (Abacha), African Salad

Ighu (Abacha) is made from a tuber of the same name whose stem is thorny. It is similar to abacha which is made from processing cassava tuber. The processing of ighu is similar to that of abacha, while processed abacha is white (sometimes cream), ighu is cream or a light brown in colour. It […]

Soft, sweet, moist & flavourful Healthy mango muffin with coconut crumb
Desserts/ finger food

Healthy mango muffins with coconut crumb

Mango muffins are moist, sweet and fresh. They have a bold mango flavour with a crunchy sweet coconut crumb. Once its mango season, lovers of mango get uber excited. There is such a variety to choose from depending on your location. Their flavoursome, sweet and juicy succulent flesh is awesome. The colours […]