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Authentic Atama Soup (Abak Atama)
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Atama soup, Abak Atama

Atama soup (Abak Atama) is a palm nut juice-based soup. It is local to the Ibibios and Efiks of Akwa-Ibom and Cross River States of South-south Nigeria. It is similar to Ofe Akwu (Igbo) and Banga soup (Niger Delta) the only difference is the herbs used in the different dishes. […]

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Osumada Soup

Osumada Soup is made with palm nut juice and the special ingredient is the osumada stick. Osumada (liquorice or oburunbebe) stick is the root of the plant, it is aromatic with a sweet flavour. This soup is native to the Agbor people of the Niger Delta region of Nigeria and […]

Easy Ofe Akparata
Soups/ light soups

Ofe Akparata (with Ora)

Ofe Akparata is a simple but delicious Igbo Soup. Akparata is basically a thickener used in soups and other dishes. Most Igbo soups are named after the vegetable or herbs used in cooking them but this soup is named after the thickener. The first time we ate Ofe Akparata, my […]

Egusi soup, Onugbu soup, Ora (oha) soup, igbo soups
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13 Easy Igbo Soups

Igbo soups are rich, nutritious, wholesome, hearty, and very delicious. The Igbo tribe (Ndi Igbo) is concentrated in the southeastern region of Nigeria. They live in the rainforest region of the country and are very industrious and resourceful. Although many are highly educated in different professions, they are mainly known […]

Quick pickled vegetables
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Quick Pickled Vegetables

Quick pickled vegetables is a quick and easy way to have pickle vegetables when you are in a hurry. Pickling is practised in many cultures across the world and it entails the immersion of food in saltwater brine or acidic liquid like vinegar until they are no longer raw. It […]