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10 common Nigerian breakfast dishes
Beans, Egg, Porridge/Pudding, Tips, yam/ Cocoyam/Cassava

10 common Nigerian breakfast dishes

Breakfast is fast-paced these days in Nigeria, with both parents working and domestic staff being expensive and sometimes unreliable even unsafe. There was a time when breakfast was more elaborate. The family could enjoy a continental breakfast with all its trappings, especially during the weekends. Breakfast then could be

Chewy with crispy edges Spring onions pancake. Quick and easy
Desserts/ finger food, vegetarian, World food

Spring Onion Pancake (Scallion/Green Onion)

Spring Onion Pancake (Scallion/Green onion pancake) is a compromise recipe of the Chinese scallion pancake which is a savoury Chinese pancake made from dough instead of a batter. The first and only time I made these pancakes was for breakfast at home. Although it was successful, well layered, flaky with […]