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Soft and fluffy Sweetcorn fritters
Desserts/ finger food, Recipes

Sweetcorn Fritters

Sweetcorn fritters, a great way to get some vegetables into your breakfast or snacks. They are soft and fluffy also simple and easy to make especially if you are in a rush and need to throw breakfast together. When you bite into your fritter, the sweet juicy corn kernels burst in […]

moist, tender, flavourful moist carrot cake
Desserts/ finger food, Recipes

Moist Carrot Cake

The sight of fresh carrots always makes me want to buy them. There is something attractive and appealing about the orange and green combo that spells healthy. This translates to whatever I use carrots for, like when I make my moist carrot cake, I feel It’s healthy, a vegetable cake […]

Fresh and tasty okro soup, okra soup
Soups/ light soups, Recipes

Fresh Okro soup, Okra Soup

Okro soup, Okra soup, Lady’s finger or gumbo, this soup by any name will taste mouthwateringly delicious. It is mucilaginous (slimy in a good way), cheap and is cooked across the length and breadth of Nigeria, from the north where dried okro is used, to the south where it is […]