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moist, tender, flavourful moist carrot cake
Desserts/ finger food, Recipes

Moist Carrot Cake

The sight of fresh carrots always makes me want to buy them. There is something attractive and appealing about the orange and green combo that spells healthy. This translates to whatever I use carrots for, like when I make my moist carrot cake, I feel It’s healthy, a vegetable cake […]

Fresh and tasty okro soup, okra soup
Soups/ light soups, Recipes

Fresh Okro soup, Okra Soup

Okro soup, Okra soup, Lady’s finger or gumbo, this soup by any name will taste mouthwateringly delicious. It is mucilaginous (slimy in a good way), cheap and is cooked across the length and breadth of Nigeria, from the north where dried okro is used, to the south where it is […]

sweet, nutty, earthy, fiofio pigeon peas with vegetables
Beans, Porridge/Pudding, Recipes, vegetarian

Fiofio Pigeon peas

Fiofio Pigeon peas, a legume enjoyed in Africa, Asia and parts of South America. It is variously called Fiofio or Agbugbu in Igbo, Otili in Yoruba, Aduwa in Hausa is also called, Gungo peas in Jamaica and mbaazi in Kenya. Pigeon pea has a sweet, mildly nutty and earthy flavour. […]

fingerlicking afang soup
Soups/ light soups, Recipes

How to cook Afang Soup

Afang soup is a vegetable soup indigenous to the Efik people of Akwa-Ibom and Cross River states of Nigeria. It is also loved and devoured by non-indigenes as well especially when loaded with a combination of delicacies from both land and sea. The afang leaf from which the soup got […]

Zobo (sorrel) drink in a glass cup
Drinks, Recipes

Zobo Syrup, zobo drink

Chilled Zobo syrup, zobo drink is commonly made in homes and sold on the streets in Nigeria. Zobo is the calyx of the roselle plant (a specie of hibiscus). It cuts across the tropical world, from the Caribbean where it is known as red sorrel to Nigeria where it is called […]

Flavoursome and easy Nigerian tomato stew with chicken
Stews/ Sauces/ dips, Recipes

Easy Nigerian Tomato stew

If you are new to Nigerian cuisine, this should be your introduction. This easy Nigerian Tomato stew is primarily made up of tomatoes, peppers, onions (tomato stew base) and spices. It is closer to Italian pasta sauce than western stews. Tomato stew is eaten in practically every Nigerian home and […]

delectable nigerian tomato stew base in a bowl
Stews/ Sauces/ dips, Recipes

Nigerian Tomato Stew Base

Nigerian Tomato stew base is the nucleus of a large portion of Nigerian dishes. It is the flavour base of any dish prepared with it. Get it right and you are basically sure the dish will be phenomenal. It is a combination of tomatoes, tatashe (fresh paprika peppers), shombo (fresh […]

Delicious Utazi Soup
Soups/ light soups, Recipes

Utazi soup, Ofe Utazi

Utazi soup (Ofe Utazi) is made with Utazi leaf which is bitter and best known for being used in pepper soup to give it a slightly bitter note. Really, utazi leaf is much more than that, it has its own distinct flavour and that is what you harness for this […]